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TestNode Class Reference

#include <nsRuleNetwork.h>

Inheritance diagram for TestNode:

ReteNode nsContentTestNode nsRDFTestNode nsRDFConInstanceTestNode nsRDFConMemberTestNode

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Detailed Description

A node that applies a test condition to a set of instantiations.

This class provides implementations of Propagate() and Constrain() in terms of one simple operation, FilterInstantiations(). A node that is a "simple test node" in a rule network should derive from this class, and need only implement FilterInstantiations().

Definition at line 801 of file nsRuleNetwork.h.

Public Member Functions

nsresult AddChild (ReteNode *aNode)
virtual nsresult Constrain (InstantiationSet &aInstantiations)
virtual nsresult FilterInstantiations (InstantiationSet &aInstantiations, PRBool *aCantHandleYet) const =0
TestNodeGetParent () const
PRBool HasAncestor (const ReteNode *aNode) const
virtual nsresult Propagate (InstantiationSet &aInstantiations, PRBool aIsUpdate, PRBool &aTakenInstantiations)
nsresult RemoveAllChildren ()
 TestNode (TestNode *aParent)

Protected Attributes

ReteNodeSet mKids

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