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txList Class Reference

#include <txList.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Represents an ordered list of Object pointers. Modeled after a Java 2 List.

Definition at line 49 of file txList.h.

Public Member Functions

nsresult add (void *objPtr)
void clear ()
void * get (int index)
PRInt32 getLength ()
nsresult insert (int index, void *objPtr)
PRBool isEmpty ()
void * remove (void *objPtr)
 txList ()
 ~txList ()

Protected Member Functions

ListItem * getFirstItem ()
ListItem * getLastItem ()
ListItem * remove (ListItem *sItem)

Private Member Functions

nsresult insertAfter (void *objPtr, ListItem *sItem)
nsresult insertBefore (void *objPtr, ListItem *sItem)
 txList (const txList &aOther)

Private Attributes

ListItem * firstItem
PRInt32 itemCount
ListItem * lastItem


class txListIterator


struct  ListItem

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