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STDMETHODIMP nsAccessibleWrap::role ( long *  role  )  [virtual, inherited]

Returns the role of an IAccessible2 object.

Note: For convenience MSAA roles are also passed through this method so the AT doesn't have to also fetch roles through MSAA's get_accRole.

[out] role The role of an IAccessible2 object.

Implements IAccessible2.

Definition at line 1280 of file nsAccessibleWrap.cpp.

References nsIAccessibleRole::ROLE_LAST_ENTRY.

__try {
  *aRole = 0;

  PRUint32 xpRole = 0;
  nsresult rv = GetFinalRole(&xpRole);
  if (NS_FAILED(rv))
    return GetHRESULT(rv);

  NS_ASSERTION(gWindowsRoleMap[nsIAccessibleRole::ROLE_LAST_ENTRY].ia2Role == ROLE_WINDOWS_LAST_ENTRY,
               "MSAA role map skewed");

  *aRole = gWindowsRoleMap[xpRole].ia2Role;
  return S_OK;

} __except(nsAccessNodeWrap::FilterA11yExceptions(::GetExceptionCode(), GetExceptionInformation())) { }
  return E_FAIL;

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