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nsIDOMCSSPrimitiveValue Interface Reference

import "nsIDOMCSSPrimitiveValue.idl";

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nsIDOMCSSValue nsISupports

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Detailed Description

The nsIDOMCSSPrimitiveValue interface is a datatype for a primitive CSS value in the Document Object Model.

For more information on this interface please see http://www.w3.org/TR/DOM-Level-2-Style


Definition at line 52 of file nsIDOMCSSPrimitiveValue.idl.

Public Member Functions

nsIDOMCounter getCounterValue () raises (DOMException)
float getFloatValue (in unsigned short unitType) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMRect getRectValue () raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMRGBColor getRGBColorValue () raises (DOMException)
DOMString getStringValue () raises (DOMException)
void setFloatValue (in unsigned short unitType, in float floatValue) raises (DOMException)
void setStringValue (in unsigned short stringType, in DOMString stringValue) raises (DOMException)
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) Release(void)=0
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) AddRef(void)=0
NS_IMETHOD QueryInterface (REFNSIID aIID, void **aInstancePtr)=0

Public Attributes

const unsigned short CSS_ATTR = 22
const unsigned short CSS_CM = 6
const unsigned short CSS_COUNTER = 23
const unsigned short CSS_CUSTOM = 3
const unsigned short CSS_DEG = 11
const unsigned short CSS_DIMENSION = 18
const unsigned short CSS_EMS = 3
const unsigned short CSS_EXS = 4
const unsigned short CSS_GRAD = 13
const unsigned short CSS_HZ = 16
const unsigned short CSS_IDENT = 21
const unsigned short CSS_IN = 8
const unsigned short CSS_INHERIT = 0
const unsigned short CSS_KHZ = 17
const unsigned short CSS_MM = 7
const unsigned short CSS_MS = 14
const unsigned short CSS_NUMBER = 1
const unsigned short CSS_PC = 10
const unsigned short CSS_PERCENTAGE = 2
const unsigned short CSS_PRIMITIVE_VALUE = 1
const unsigned short CSS_PT = 9
const unsigned short CSS_PX = 5
const unsigned short CSS_RAD = 12
const unsigned short CSS_RECT = 24
const unsigned short CSS_RGBCOLOR = 25
const unsigned short CSS_S = 15
const unsigned short CSS_STRING = 19
const unsigned short CSS_UNKNOWN = 0
const unsigned short CSS_URI = 20
const unsigned short CSS_VALUE_LIST = 2
attribute DOMString cssText
readonly attribute unsigned short cssValueType
readonly attribute unsigned short primitiveType

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