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template<class KeyClass, class DataType, class UserDataType>
PRUint32 nsBaseHashtable< KeyClass, DataType, UserDataType >::Enumerate ( EnumFunction  enumFunc,
void *  userArg 
) [inline, inherited]

enumerate entries in the hashtable, allowing changes. This functions write-locks the hashtable.

enumFunc enumeration callback
userArg passed unchanged to the EnumFunction

Definition at line 213 of file nsBaseHashtable.h.

Referenced by nsXFormsMDGEngine::AndFlags(), nsXFormsMDGEngine::Clear(), and nsXULDocument::DoneWalking().

                 "nsBaseHashtable was not initialized properly.");

    s_EnumArgs enumData = { enumFunc, userArg };
    return PL_DHashTableEnumerate(&this->mTable,

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