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NS_IMETHOD nsITableLayout::GetCellDataAt ( PRInt32  aRowIndex,
PRInt32  aColIndex,
nsIDOMElement *&  aCell,
PRInt32 &  aStartRowIndex,
PRInt32 &  aStartColIndex,
PRInt32 &  aRowSpan,
PRInt32 &  aColSpan,
PRInt32 &  aActualRowSpan,
PRInt32 &  aActualColSpan,
PRBool &  aIsSelected 
) [pure virtual]

return all the relevant layout information about a cell.

aRowIndex a row which the cell intersects
aColIndex a col which the cell intersects
aCell [OUT] the content representing the cell at (aRowIndex, aColIndex)
aStartRowIndex [IN/OUT] the row in which aCell starts
aStartColIndex [IN/OUT] the col in which aCell starts Initialize these with the "candidate" start indexes to use for searching through the table when a cell isn't found because of "holes" in the cellmap when ROWSPAN and/or COLSPAN > 1
aRowSpan [OUT] the value of the ROWSPAN attribute (may be 0 or actual number)
aColSpan [OUT] the value of the COLSPAN attribute (may be 0 or actual number)
aActualRowSpan [OUT] the actual number of rows aCell spans
aActualColSpan [OUT] the acutal number of cols aCell spans
aIsSelected [OUT] PR_TRUE if the frame that maps aCell is selected in the presentation shell that owns this.

Implemented in nsTableFrame, and nsTableOuterFrame.

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