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nsIURL Interface Reference

import "nsIURL.idl";

Inheritance diagram for nsIURL:

nsIFileURL nsIJARURI FooFile

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Detailed Description

The nsIURL interface provides convenience methods that further break down the path portion of nsIURI:

http://host/directory/fileBaseName.fileExtension?query http://host/directory/fileBaseName.fileExtension#ref http://host/directory/fileBaseName.fileExtension;param \ \ / \ ----------------------- \ | / \ fileName / ---------------------------- | filePath


Definition at line 60 of file nsIURL.idl.

Public Member Functions

AUTF8String getCommonBaseSpec (in nsIURI aURIToCompare)
AUTF8String getRelativeSpec (in nsIURI aURIToCompare)

Public Attributes

attribute AUTF8String directory
attribute AUTF8String fileBaseName
attribute AUTF8String fileExtension
attribute AUTF8String fileName
attribute AUTF8String filePath
attribute AUTF8String param
attribute AUTF8String query
attribute AUTF8String ref

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