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virtual nsresult nsIContent::DoneAddingChildren ( PRBool  aHaveNotified  )  [inline, virtual, inherited]

This method is called when the parser finishes creating the element's children, if any are present.

NOTE: this is currently only called for textarea, select, applet, and object elements in the HTML content sink. If you want to call it on your element, modify the content sink of your choice to do so. This is an efficiency measure.

If you also need to determine whether the parser is the one creating your element (through createElement() or cloneNode() generally) then add a boolean aFromParser to the NS_NewXXX() constructor for your element and have the parser pass true. See nsHTMLInputElement.cpp and nsHTMLContentSink::MakeContentObject().

It is ok to ignore an error returned from this function. However the following errors may be of interest to some callers:

NS_ERROR_HTMLPARSER_BLOCK Returned by script elements to indicate that a script will be loaded asynchronously

This means that implementations will have to deal with returned error codes being ignored.

aHaveNotified Whether there has been a ContentInserted/ContentAppended notification for this content node yet.

Reimplemented in nsHTMLSelectElement.

Definition at line 707 of file nsIContent.h.

    return NS_OK;

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