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virtual nsresult nsIContent::MaybeTriggerAutoLink ( nsIDocShell *  aShell  )  [inline, virtual, inherited]

Give this element a chance to fire links that should be fired automatically when loaded. If the element was an autoloading link and it was successfully handled, we will throw special nsresult values.

aShell the current doc shell (to possibly load the link on)
NS_OK if nothing happened
NS_XML_AUTOLINK_EMBED if the caller is loading the link embedded
NS_XML_AUTOLINK_NEW if the caller is loading the link in a new window
NS_XML_AUTOLINK_REPLACE if it is loading a link that will replace the current window (and thus the caller must stop parsing)
NS_XML_AUTOLINK_UNDEFINED if it is loading in any other way--in which case, the caller should stop parsing as well.

Definition at line 614 of file nsIContent.h.

    return NS_OK;

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