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nsWidgetAtoms Class Reference

#include <nsWidgetAtoms.h>

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Detailed Description

This class wraps up the creation and destruction of the standard set of xul atoms used during normal xul handling. This object is created when the first xul content object is created, and destroyed when the last such content object is destroyed.

It's here because we cannot use nsGkAtoms from the Widget shlb. They are components are we're not.

Definition at line 53 of file nsWidgetAtoms.h.

Public Member Functions

key menuitem menuseparator WIDGET_ATOM (modifiers,"modifiers") WIDGET_ATOM(open
key menuitem WIDGET_ATOM (menupopup,"menupopup") WIDGET_ATOM(menuseparator
key WIDGET_ATOM (menu,"menu") WIDGET_ATOM(menuitem
 WIDGET_ATOM (accesskey,"accesskey") WIDGET_ATOM(key

Static Public Member Functions

static void RegisterAtoms ()

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