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nsTestUConv Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The main class of the program.

XXX Create a very general set of "bug and regression" test cases and the one in TestTempBug() XXX Apply the new argument style (pointers) to the converters interfaces


Catalin Rotaru [CATA]

Definition at line 98 of file TestUConv.cpp.

Public Member Functions

nsresult Main (int aArgC, char **aArgV)

Private Member Functions

nsresult ConvertEncode (PRUnichar **aSrc, PRUnichar *aSrcEnd, char **aDest, char *aDestEnd, nsIUnicodeEncoder *aEncoder)
nsresult DisplayCharsets ()
nsresult DisplayDetectors ()
nsresult Encode (PRUnichar **aSrc, PRUnichar *aSrcEnd, char **aDest, char *aDestEnd, const nsAFlatCString &aCharset)
nsresult FinishEncode (char **aDest, char *aDestEnd, nsIUnicodeEncoder *aEncoder)
void PrintSpaces (int aCount)
nsresult TestCharsetManager ()
nsresult TestDecoders ()
nsresult TestEncoders ()
nsresult TestTempBug ()

Private Attributes

nsTestLog mLog

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