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nsMenuItemX Class Reference

#include <nsMenuItemX.h>

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nsIMenuItem nsISupports

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Detailed Description

Native menu item wrapper

Definition at line 56 of file nsMenuItemX.h.

Public Types

enum  EMenuItemType { eRegular = 0, eCheckbox, eRadio, eSeparator }

Public Member Functions

NS_IMETHOD Create (nsIMenu *aParent, const nsString &aLabel, EMenuItemType aItemType, nsMenuBarX *aMenuBar, nsIContent *aNode)=0
Create (nsIMenu *aParent, const nsString &aLabel, EMenuItemType aItemType, nsMenuBarX *aMenuBar, nsIContent *aNode)
NS_IMETHOD DispatchDOMEvent (const nsString &eventName, PRBool *preventDefaultCalled)
NS_IMETHOD DoCommand ()
NS_IMETHOD GetChecked (PRBool *aIsEnabled)
NS_IMETHOD GetEnabled (PRBool *aIsEnabled)
NS_IMETHOD GetLabel (nsString &aText)
NS_IMETHOD GetMenuItemContent (nsIContent **aMenuItemContent)
NS_IMETHOD GetMenuItemType (EMenuItemType *aType)=0
NS_IMETHOD GetMenuItemType (EMenuItemType *aIsCheckbox)
NS_IMETHOD GetNativeData (void *&aData)
NS_IMETHOD GetShortcutChar (nsString &aText)
NS_IMETHOD IsSeparator (PRBool &aIsSep)
virtual void ObserveAttributeChanged (nsIDocument *aDocument, nsIContent *aContent, nsIAtom *aAttribute)=0
virtual void ObserveContentInserted (nsIDocument *aDocument, nsIContent *aChild, PRInt32 aIndexInContainer)=0
virtual void ObserveContentRemoved (nsIDocument *aDocument, nsIContent *aChild, PRInt32 aIndexInContainer)=0
NS_IMETHOD SetChecked (PRBool aIsEnabled)
NS_IMETHOD SetupIcon ()
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) Release(void)=0
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) AddRef(void)=0
NS_IMETHOD QueryInterface (REFNSIID aIID, void **aInstancePtr)=0

Protected Member Functions

void SetKeyEquiv (PRUint8 aModifiers, const nsString &aText)
void UncheckRadioSiblings (nsIContent *inCheckedElement)

Protected Attributes

nsCOMPtr< nsIContentmCommandContent
nsCOMPtr< nsIContentmContent
PRPackedBool mEnabled
nsRefPtr< nsMenuItemIconX > mIcon
PRPackedBool mIsChecked
nsString mKeyEquivalent
nsString mLabel
nsMenuBarX * mMenuBar
PRUint8 mModifiers
NSMenuItem * mNativeMenuItem
EMenuItemType mType

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