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nsLineBox Class Reference

#include <nsLineBox.h>

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Detailed Description

The nsLineBox class represents a horizontal line of frames. It contains enough state to support incremental reflow of the frames, event handling for the frames, and rendering of the frames.

Definition at line 232 of file nsLineBox.h.

Public Member Functions

void AppendFloats (nsFloatCacheFreeList &aFreeList)
PRBool CachedIsEmpty ()
void ClearDirty ()
void ClearHasClearance ()
void ClearPreviousMarginDirty ()
PRBool CombinedAreaIntersects (const nsRect &aDamageRect)
PRBool Contains (nsIFrame *aFrame) const
void Destroy (nsIPresShell *aPresShell)
void DisableResizeReflowOptimization ()
void EnableResizeReflowOptimization ()
void FreeFloats (nsFloatCacheFreeList &aFreeList)
nscoord GetAscent () const
PRUint8 GetBreakTypeAfter () const
PRUint8 GetBreakTypeBefore () const
nsCollapsingMargin GetCarriedOutBottomMargin () const
PRInt32 GetChildCount () const
nsRect GetCombinedArea ()
nsFloatCache * GetFirstFloat ()
nscoord GetHeight () const
PRBool GetInvalidateTextRuns () const
PRBool HasBreakAfter () const
PRBool HasBreakBefore () const
PRBool HasClearance () const
PRBool HasFloatBreakAfter () const
PRBool HasFloats () const
PRInt32 IndexOf (nsIFrame *aFrame) const
void InvalidateCachedIsEmpty ()
PRBool IsBlock () const
PRBool IsDirty () const
PRBool IsEmpty () const
PRBool IsImpactedByFloat () const
PRBool IsInline () const
PRBool IsLastChild (nsIFrame *aFrame) const
PRBool IsLineWrapped () const
PRBool IsPreviousMarginDirty () const
PRBool IsValidCachedIsEmpty ()
nsIFrameLastChild () const
void MarkDirty ()
void MarkPreviousMarginDirty ()
PRBool RemoveFloat (nsIFrame *aFrame)
PRBool ResizeReflowOptimizationDisabled () const
void SetAscent (nscoord aAscent)
void SetBreakTypeAfter (PRUint8 aBreakType)
void SetBreakTypeBefore (PRUint8 aBreakType)
PRBool SetCarriedOutBottomMargin (nsCollapsingMargin aValue)
void SetChildCount (PRInt32 aNewCount)
void SetCombinedArea (const nsRect &aCombinedArea)
void SetHasClearance ()
void SetInvalidateTextRuns (PRBool aOn)
void SetLineIsImpactedByFloat (PRBool aValue)
void SetLineWrapped (PRBool aOn)
void SlideBy (nscoord aDY)

Static Public Member Functions

static void DeleteLineList (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsLineList &aLines)
static nsLineBoxFindLineContaining (nsLineList &aLines, nsIFrame *aFrame, PRInt32 *aFrameIndexInLine)
static PRBool RFindLineContaining (nsIFrame *aFrame, const nsLineList_iterator &aBegin, nsLineList_iterator &aEnd, PRInt32 *aFrameIndexInLine)

Public Attributes

nsRect mBounds
PRUint32 mAllFlags
ExtraBlockData * mBlockData
ExtraData * mData
FlagBits mFlags
ExtraInlineData * mInlineData

Protected Member Functions

void Cleanup ()
void MaybeFreeData ()

Protected Attributes

union {
   PRUint32   mAllFlags
   FlagBits   mFlags
union {
   ExtraBlockData *   mBlockData
   ExtraData *   mData
   ExtraInlineData *   mInlineData
nscoord mAscent

Private Member Functions

 nsLineBox (nsIFrame *aFrame, PRInt32 aCount, PRBool aIsBlock)
void operator delete (void *aPtr, size_t sz)
void * operator new (size_t sz, nsIPresShell *aPresShell) CPP_THROW_NEW


nsLineBoxNS_NewLineBox (nsIPresShell *aPresShell, nsIFrame *aFrame, PRInt32 aCount, PRBool aIsBlock)
class nsLineList
class nsLineList_const_iterator
class nsLineList_const_reverse_iterator
class nsLineList_iterator
class nsLineList_reverse_iterator


struct  ExtraBlockData
struct  ExtraData
struct  ExtraInlineData
struct  FlagBits

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