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FooFile Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Dummy class that implements nsIFileUrl. The inheritance chain for nsIFileURL is as follows:
   nsIFileURL -> nsIURL -> nsIURI -> nsISupports

The only method that is implemented is queryInterface, which simply calls XPCOM.queryInterface.

See also:

Definition at line 197 of file TestQI.java.

Public Member Functions

nsIURI _clone ()
boolean _equals (nsIURI other)
String getAsciiHost ()
String getAsciiSpec ()
AUTF8String getCommonBaseSpec (in nsIURI aURIToCompare)
String getCommonBaseSpec (nsIURI aURIToCompare)
String getDirectory ()
nsIFile getFile ()
String getFileBaseName ()
String getFileExtension ()
String getFileName ()
String getFilePath ()
String getHost ()
String getHostPort ()
String getOriginCharset ()
String getParam ()
String getPassword ()
String getPath ()
int getPort ()
String getPrePath ()
String getQuery ()
String getRef ()
AUTF8String getRelativeSpec (in nsIURI aURIToCompare)
String getRelativeSpec (nsIURI aURIToCompare)
String getScheme ()
String getSpec ()
String getUsername ()
String getUserPass ()
nsISupports queryInterface (String aIID)
String resolve (String relativePath)
boolean schemeIs (String scheme)
void setDirectory (String aDirectory)
void setFile (nsIFile aFile)
void setFileBaseName (String aFileBaseName)
void setFileExtension (String aFileExtension)
void setFileName (String aFileName)
void setFilePath (String aFilePath)
void setHost (String aHost)
void setHostPort (String aHostPort)
void setParam (String aParam)
void setPassword (String aPassword)
void setPath (String aPath)
void setPort (int aPort)
void setQuery (String aQuery)
void setRef (String aRef)
void setScheme (String aScheme)
void setSpec (String aSpec)
void setUsername (String aUsername)
void setUserPass (String aUserPass)

Public Attributes

attribute AUTF8String directory
attribute nsIFile file
attribute AUTF8String fileBaseName
attribute AUTF8String fileExtension
attribute AUTF8String fileName
attribute AUTF8String filePath
attribute AUTF8String param
attribute AUTF8String query
attribute AUTF8String ref

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