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nsXULDocument Class Reference

#include <nsXULDocument.h>

Inheritance diagram for nsXULDocument:

nsIInterfaceRequestor nsIChannelEventSink nsISupports nsISupports nsISupports nsISupports nsISupports nsISupports nsStubMutationObserver nsIRadioGroupContainer nsIScriptObjectPrincipal nsIDOMNSEventTarget nsIDOM3EventTarget nsIDOMEventTarget nsIDOM3Document nsIDOMDocumentRange nsIDOMDocumentView nsIDOMNSDocumentStyle nsIDOM3DocumentEvent nsIDOMDocumentEvent

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Detailed Description

The XUL document class

Definition at line 84 of file nsXULDocument.h.

Public Types

enum  {
  eCONTENT = 1 << 0, eDOCUMENT = 1 << 1, eATTRIBUTE = 1 << 2, eELEMENT = 1 << 3,
  eTEXT = 1 << 4, ePROCESSING_INSTRUCTION = 1 << 5, eCOMMENT = 1 << 6, eHTML = 1 << 7,
  eHTML_FORM_CONTROL = 1 << 8, eXUL = 1 << 9, eSVG = 1 << 10, eDOCUMENT_FRAGMENT = 1 << 11,
  eDATA_NODE = 1 << 12, eMATHML = 1 << 13
typedef PRBool(* nsSubDocEnumFunc )(nsIDocument *aDocument, void *aData)

Public Member Functions

void addBinding (in nsIDOMElement elt, in DOMString bindingURL)
void addBroadcastListenerFor (in nsIDOMElement broadcaster, in nsIDOMElement observer, in DOMString attr)
virtual void AddCatalogStyleSheet (nsIStyleSheet *aSheet)
virtual nsresult AddCharSetObserver (nsIObserver *aObserver)
AddElementForID (const nsAString &aID, nsIContent *aElement)
nsresult AddElementToDocumentPost (nsIContent *aElement)
nsresult AddElementToDocumentPre (nsIContent *aElement)
nsresult AddElementToMap (nsIContent *aElement)
void addEventListener (in DOMString type, in nsIDOMEventListener listener, in boolean useCapture, in boolean wantsUntrusted)
void addEventListener (in DOMString type, in nsIDOMEventListener listener, in boolean useCapture)
virtual nsresult AddEventListenerByIID (nsIDOMEventListener *aListener, const nsIID &aIID)
void addGroupedEventListener (in DOMString type, in nsIDOMEventListener listener, in boolean useCapture, in nsIDOMEventGroup evtGroup)
virtual void AddMutationObserver (nsIMutationObserver *aMutationObserver)
virtual void AddObserver (nsIDocumentObserver *aObserver)
virtual void AddReference (void *aKey, nsISupports *aReference)
virtual void AddStyleRelevantLink (nsIContent *aContent, nsIURI *aURI)=0
virtual void AddStyleSheet (nsIStyleSheet *aSheet)
virtual void AddStyleSheetToStyleSets (nsIStyleSheet *aSheet)
NS_IMETHOD AddSubtreeToDocument (nsIContent *aElement)
NS_IMETHOD AddToRadioGroup (const nsAString &aName, nsIFormControl *aRadio)
virtual nsresult AddXMLEventsContent (nsIContent *aXMLEventsElement)
nsIDOMNode adoptNode (in nsIDOMNode source) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMNode appendChild (in nsIDOMNode newChild) raises (DOMException)
virtual nsresult AppendChildTo (nsIContent *aKid, PRBool aNotify)
nsresult ApplyPersistentAttributes ()
nsresult ApplyPersistentAttributesToElements (nsIRDFResource *aResource, nsCOMArray< nsIContent > &aElements)
virtual void AttributeChanged (nsIDocument *aDocument, nsIContent *aContent, PRInt32 aNameSpaceID, nsIAtom *aAttribute, PRInt32 aModType, PRUint32 aStateMask)=0
virtual void AttributeWillChange (nsIContent *aChild, PRInt32 aNameSpaceID, nsIAtom *aAttribute)
virtual void BeginLoad ()
virtual void BeginUpdate (nsUpdateType aUpdateType)
nsBindingManager * BindingManager () const
virtual void BlockOnload ()=0
virtual PRBool CanSavePresentation (nsIRequest *aNewRequest)=0
boolean canTrigger (in DOMString type)
virtual void CharacterDataChanged (nsIDocument *aDocument, nsIContent *aContent, CharacterDataChangeInfo *aInfo)=0
virtual void CharacterDataWillChange (nsIDocument *aDocument, nsIContent *aContent, CharacterDataChangeInfo *aInfo)=0
virtual void ClearBoxObjectFor (nsIContent *aContent)=0
virtual nsresult Clone (nsINodeInfo *aNodeInfo, nsINode **aResult) const
nsIDOMNode cloneNode (in boolean deep)
NS_IMETHOD CloneNode (PRBool deep, nsIDOMNode **_retval)
unsigned short compareDocumentPosition (in nsIDOMNode other) raises (DOMException)
virtual void ContentAppended (nsIDocument *aDocument, nsIContent *aContainer, PRInt32 aNewIndexInContainer)=0
virtual void ContentInserted (nsIDocument *aDocument, nsIContent *aContainer, nsIContent *aChild, PRInt32 aIndexInContainer)=0
virtual void ContentRemoved (nsIDocument *aDocument, nsIContent *aContainer, nsIContent *aChild, PRInt32 aIndexInContainer)=0
virtual void ContentStatesChanged (nsIContent *aContent1, nsIContent *aContent2, PRInt32 aStateMask)
nsIDOMAttr createAttribute (in DOMString name) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMAttr createAttributeNS (in DOMString namespaceURI, in DOMString qualifiedName) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMCDATASection createCDATASection (in DOMString data) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMComment createComment (in DOMString data)
nsIDOMDocumentFragment createDocumentFragment ()
virtual nsresult CreateElem (nsIAtom *aName, nsIAtom *aPrefix, PRInt32 aNamespaceID, PRBool aDocumentDefaultType, nsIContent **aResult)
nsIDOMElement createElement (in DOMString tagName) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMElement createElementNS (in DOMString namespaceURI, in DOMString qualifiedName) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMEntityReference createEntityReference (in DOMString name) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMEvent createEvent (in DOMString eventType) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMEventGroup createEventGroup ()
nsIDOMNodeIterator createNodeIterator (in nsIDOMNode root, in unsigned long whatToShow, in nsIDOMNodeFilter filter, in boolean entityReferenceExpansion) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMProcessingInstruction createProcessingInstruction (in DOMString target, in DOMString data) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMRange createRange ()
virtual nsresult CreateShell (nsPresContext *aContext, nsIViewManager *aViewManager, nsStyleSet *aStyleSet, nsIPresShell **aInstancePtrResult)
nsIDOMText createTextNode (in DOMString data)
nsIDOMTreeWalker createTreeWalker (in nsIDOMNode root, in unsigned long whatToShow, in nsIDOMNodeFilter filter, in boolean entityReferenceExpansion) raises (DOMException)
nsICSSLoader * CSSLoader () const
virtual nsresult DeleteProperty (PRUint16 aCategory, nsIAtom *aPropertyName)
nsresult DeleteProperty (nsIAtom *aPropertyName)
virtual PRBool DeleteShell (nsIPresShell *aShell)
virtual void Destroy ()=0
virtual nsresult DispatchDOMEvent (nsEvent *aEvent, nsIDOMEvent *aDOMEvent, nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsEventStatus *aEventStatus)
boolean dispatchEvent (in nsIDOMEvent evt) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMElement elementFromPoint (in long x, in long y)
void enableStyleSheetsForSet (in DOMString name)
virtual void EndLoad ()
virtual void EndUpdate (nsUpdateType aUpdateType)
virtual void EnsureCatalogStyleSheet (const char *aStyleSheetURI)
virtual void EnumerateSubDocuments (nsSubDocEnumFunc aCallback, void *aData)=0
nsIDOMRange evaluateFIXptr (in DOMString expression)
nsIXPointerResult evaluateXPointer (in DOMString expression)
nsresult ExecuteOnBroadcastHandlerFor (nsIContent *aBroadcaster, nsIDOMElement *aListener, nsIAtom *aAttr)
virtual nsresult FinalizeFrameLoader (nsFrameLoader *aLoader)=0
virtual nsIContentFindContentForSubDocument (nsIDocument *aDocument) const
virtual void FlushPendingNotifications (mozFlushType aType)
virtual void FlushSkinBindings ()=0
virtual void ForgetLink (nsIContent *aContent)=0
virtual PRBool FrameLoaderScheduledToBeFinalized (nsIDocShell *aShell)=0
nsIDOMElement getAnonymousElementByAttribute (in nsIDOMElement elt, in DOMString attrName, in DOMString attrValue)
nsIDOMNodeList getAnonymousNodes (in nsIDOMElement elt)
virtual nsHTMLStyleSheet * GetAttributeStyleSheet () const
virtual void GetBaseTarget (nsAString &aBaseTarget) const
nsIURI * GetBaseURI () const
PRBool GetBidiEnabled () const
PRUint32 GetBidiOptions () const
nsIDOMElement getBindingParent (in nsIDOMNode node)
nsIBoxObject getBoxObjectFor (in nsIDOMElement elt)
virtual nsIStyleSheetGetCatalogStyleSheetAt (PRInt32 aIndex) const
virtual nsIChannelGetChannel () const
virtual nsIContentGetChildAt (PRUint32 aIndex) const
virtual PRUint32 GetChildCount () const
nsCompatibility GetCompatibilityMode () const
already_AddRefed< nsISupportsGetContainer () const
void GetContentLanguage (nsAString &aContentLanguage) const
virtual nsresult GetContentListFor (nsIContent *aContent, nsIDOMNodeList **aResult)=0
GetContentType (nsAString &aContentType)
nsIDocument * GetCurrentDoc () const
NS_IMETHOD GetCurrentRadioButton (const nsAString &aName, nsIDOMHTMLInputElement **aRadio)
PRInt32 GetDefaultNamespaceID () const
const nsCString & GetDocumentCharacterSet () const
PRInt32 GetDocumentCharacterSetSource () const
already_AddRefed< nsILoadGroupGetDocumentLoadGroup () const
const nsStringGetDocumentTitle () const
nsIURI * GetDocumentURI () const
nsIDOMElement getElementById (in DOMString elementId)
NS_IMETHOD GetElementById (const nsAString &elementId, nsIDOMElement **_retval)
nsIDOMNodeList getElementsByAttribute (in DOMString name, in DOMString value)
nsIDOMNodeList getElementsByAttributeNS (in DOMString namespaceURI, in DOMString name, in DOMString value)
nsIDOMNodeList getElementsByClassName (in DOMString classes)
nsIDOMNodeList getElementsByTagName (in DOMString tagname)
nsIDOMNodeList getElementsByTagNameNS (in DOMString namespaceURI, in DOMString localName)
NS_IMETHOD GetElementsForID (const nsAString &aID, nsCOMArray< nsIContent > &aElements)
nsISupports getFeature (in DOMString feature, in DOMString version)
PtrBits GetFlags () const
void GetFocusController (nsIFocusController **aFocusController)
virtual already_AddRefed
< nsIParser
GetFragmentParser ()
virtual void GetHeaderData (nsIAtom *aHeaderField, nsAString &aData) const
virtual PRInt32 GetIndexOfStyleSheet (nsIStyleSheet *aSheet) const
virtual nsIHTMLCSSStyleSheet * GetInlineStyleSheet () const
virtual nsPIDOMWindow * GetInnerWindow ()
void getInterface (in nsIIDRef uuid,[iid_is(uuid), retval] out nsQIResult result)
JSObject * GetJSObject () const
virtual already_AddRefed
< nsILayoutHistoryState > 
GetLayoutHistoryState () const =0
virtual nsresult GetListenerManager (PRBool aCreateIfNotFound, nsIEventListenerManager **aResult)
PRUint32 GetMarkedCCGeneration ()
PRBool GetMathMLEnabled () const
NS_IMETHOD GetNextRadioButton (const nsAString &aName, const PRBool aPrevious, nsIDOMHTMLInputElement *aFocusedRadio, nsIDOMHTMLInputElement **aRadioOut)
nsINodeGetNodeParent () const
virtual PRInt32 GetNumberOfCatalogStyleSheets () const
virtual PRInt32 GetNumberOfStyleSheets () const
nsIDocument * GetOwnerDoc () const
nsIContentGetParent () const
nsIDocument * GetParentDocument () const
PRUint32 GetPartID () const
NS_IMETHOD GetPositionInGroup (nsIDOMHTMLInputElement *aRadio, PRInt32 *aPositionIndex, PRInt32 *aItemsInGroup)
virtual nsIPresShell * GetPrimaryShell () const
GetPrincipal ()
virtual void * GetProperty (PRUint16 aCategory, nsIAtom *aPropertyName, nsresult *aStatus=nsnull) const
void * GetProperty (nsIAtom *aPropertyName, nsresult *aStatus=nsnull) const
nsresult GetRadioGroup (const nsAString &aName, nsRadioGroupStruct **aRadioGroup)
virtual nsISupportsGetReference (void *aKey)
nsIContentGetRootContent () const
virtual nsIContentGetRootContentInternal () const
virtual nsIScriptGlobalObjectGetScopeObject ()
virtual nsIScriptEventManager * GetScriptEventManager ()
virtual nsIScriptGlobalObjectGetScriptGlobalObject () const
NS_IMETHOD GetScriptGlobalObjectOwner (nsIScriptGlobalObjectOwner **aGlobalOwner)
virtual nsIScriptGlobalObjectGetScriptHandlingObject (PRBool &aHasHadScriptHandlingObject) const
nsISupportsGetSecurityInfo ()
nsIContentGetSelectionRootContent (nsIPresShell *aPresShell)
virtual nsIStyleSheetGetStyleSheetAt (PRInt32 aIndex) const
virtual nsIDocument * GetSubDocumentFor (nsIContent *aContent) const
virtual nsresult GetSystemEventGroup (nsIDOMEventGroup **aGroup)
virtual nsPIDOMEventTarget * GetTargetForDOMEvent ()
virtual nsPIDOMEventTarget * GetTargetForEventTargetChain ()
NS_IMETHOD GetTemplateBuilderFor (nsIContent *aContent, nsIXULTemplateBuilder **aResult)
nsIContentGetTextEditorRootContent (nsIEditor **aEditor=nsnull)
nsIVariant getUserData (in DOMString key)
nsresult GetViewportSize (PRInt32 *aWidth, PRInt32 *aHeight)
nsIWeakReference GetWeakReference ()
virtual nsPIDOMWindow * GetWindow ()
virtual nsresult GetXBLChildNodesFor (nsIContent *aContent, nsIDOMNodeList **aResult)=0
virtual void GetXMLDeclaration (nsAString &aVersion, nsAString &aEncoding, nsAString &Standalone)
boolean hasAttributes ()
boolean hasChildNodes ()
PRBool HasFlag (PtrBits aFlag) const
boolean hasFocus ()
PRBool HasProperties () const
PRBool HasSameOwnerDoc (nsINode *aOther)
nsIDOMNode importNode (in nsIDOMNode importedNode, in boolean deep) raises (DOMException)
virtual PRInt32 IndexOf (nsINode *aPossibleChild) const
nsXMLDocument) protected
Init (void)
virtual nsresult InitializeFrameLoader (nsFrameLoader *aLoader)=0
nsIDOMNode insertBefore (in nsIDOMNode newChild, in nsIDOMNode refChild) raises (DOMException)
virtual nsresult InsertChildAt (nsIContent *aKid, PRUint32 aIndex, PRBool aNotify)
virtual void InsertStyleSheetAt (nsIStyleSheet *aSheet, PRInt32 aIndex)
virtual PRBool IsCaseSensitive ()
boolean isDefaultNamespace (in DOMString namespaceURI)
PRBool IsEditable () const
boolean isEqualNode (in nsIDOMNode arg)
PRBool IsInDoc () const
PRBool IsInitialDocument () const
PRBool IsLoadedAsData ()
virtual PRBool IsNodeOfType (PRUint32 aFlags) const
boolean isRegisteredHere (in DOMString type)
boolean isSameNode (in nsIDOMNode other)
virtual PRBool IsScriptEnabled ()
boolean isSupported (in DOMString feature, in DOMString version)
boolean load (in DOMString url)
void loadBindingDocument (in DOMString documentURL)
void loadOverlay (in DOMString url, in nsIObserver aObserver)
nsresult LoadOverlayInternal (nsIURI *aURI, PRBool aIsDynamic, PRBool *aShouldReturn, PRBool *aFailureFromContent)
DOMString lookupNamespaceURI (in DOMString prefix)
DOMString lookupPrefix (in DOMString namespaceURI)
void MarkUncollectableForCCGeneration (PRUint32 aGeneration)
void MayDispatchMutationEvent (nsINode *aTarget)
PRBool MayStartLayout ()
virtual void MutationEventDispatched (nsINode *aTarget)
nsNodeInfoManager * NodeInfoManager () const
nsIPrincipalNodePrincipal () const
virtual void NodeWillBeDestroyed (const nsINode *aNode)=0
void normalize ()
void normalizeDocument ()
virtual void NotifyURIVisitednessChanged (nsIURI *aURI)=0
virtual NS_HIDDEN_ (PRBool) FrameLoaderScheduledToBeFinalized(nsIDocShell *aShell)
virtual NS_HIDDEN_ (void) TryCancelFrameLoaderInitialization(nsIDocShell *aShell)
virtual NS_HIDDEN_ (nsresult) FinalizeFrameLoader(nsFrameLoader *aLoader)
virtual NS_HIDDEN_ (nsresult) InitializeFrameLoader(nsFrameLoader *aLoader)
virtual NS_HIDDEN_ (void) FlushSkinBindings()
virtual NS_HIDDEN_ (nsresult) GetContentListFor(nsIContent *aContent
virtual NS_HIDDEN_ (nsresult) GetXBLChildNodesFor(nsIContent *aContent
 NS_HIDDEN_ (void) ClearBoxObjectFor(nsIContent *aContent)
virtual NS_HIDDEN_ (void) NotifyURIVisitednessChanged(nsIURI *aURI)
virtual NS_HIDDEN_ (void) ForgetLink(nsIContent *aContent)
virtual NS_HIDDEN_ (void) AddStyleRelevantLink(nsIContent *aContent
virtual NS_HIDDEN_ (void) UnblockOnload(PRBool aFireSync)
virtual NS_HIDDEN_ (void) BlockOnload()
virtual NS_HIDDEN_ (already_AddRefed< nsILayoutHistoryState >) GetLayoutHistoryState() const
virtual NS_HIDDEN_ (void) RemovedFromDocShell()
virtual NS_HIDDEN_ (void) Destroy()
virtual NS_HIDDEN_ (PRBool) CanSavePresentation(nsIRequest *aNewRequest)
virtual NS_HIDDEN_ (void) EnumerateSubDocuments(nsSubDocEnumFunc aCallback
virtual NS_HIDDEN_ (nsresult) Sanitize()
void onChannelRedirect (in nsIChannel oldChannel, in nsIChannel newChannel, in unsigned long flags)
PRBool OnDocumentParserError ()
virtual void OnPageHide (PRBool aPersisted)
virtual void OnPageShow (PRBool aPersisted)
NS_IMETHOD OnPrototypeLoadDone (PRBool aResumeWalk)
void onStreamComplete (in nsIStreamLoader loader, in nsISupports ctxt, in nsresult status, in unsigned long resultLength,[const, array, size_is(resultLength)] in octet result)
virtual void ParentChainChanged (nsIContent *aContent)=0
void persist (in DOMString id, in DOMString attr)
virtual nsresult PostHandleEvent (nsEventChainPostVisitor &aVisitor)
virtual nsresult PreHandleEvent (nsEventChainPreVisitor &aVisitor)
nsresult PrepareToLoad (nsISupports *aContainer, const char *aCommand, nsIChannel *aChannel, nsILoadGroup *aLoadGroup, nsIParser **aResult)
nsresult PrepareToLoadPrototype (nsIURI *aURI, const char *aCommand, nsIPrincipal *aDocumentPrincipal, nsIParser **aResult)
nsPropertyTable * PropertyTable ()
void removeBinding (in nsIDOMElement elt, in DOMString bindingURL)
void removeBroadcastListenerFor (in nsIDOMElement broadcaster, in nsIDOMElement observer, in DOMString attr)
virtual void RemoveCharSetObserver (nsIObserver *aObserver)
nsIDOMNode removeChild (in nsIDOMNode oldChild) raises (DOMException)
virtual nsresult RemoveChildAt (PRUint32 aIndex, PRBool aNotify)
virtual void RemovedFromDocShell ()=0
NS_IMETHOD RemoveElementForID (const nsAString &aID, nsIContent *aElement)
nsresult RemoveElementFromMap (nsIContent *aElement)
void removeEventListener (in DOMString type, in nsIDOMEventListener listener, in boolean useCapture)
virtual nsresult RemoveEventListenerByIID (nsIDOMEventListener *aListener, const nsIID &aIID)
NS_IMETHOD RemoveFromRadioGroup (const nsAString &aName, nsIFormControl *aRadio)
void removeGroupedEventListener (in DOMString type, in nsIDOMEventListener listener, in boolean useCapture, in nsIDOMEventGroup evtGroup)
virtual void RemoveMutationObserver (nsIMutationObserver *aMutationObserver)
virtual PRBool RemoveObserver (nsIDocumentObserver *aObserver)
virtual void RemoveReference (void *aKey)
virtual void RemoveStyleSheet (nsIStyleSheet *aSheet)
virtual void RemoveStyleSheetFromStyleSets (nsIStyleSheet *aSheet)
NS_IMETHOD RemoveSubtreeFromDocument (nsIContent *aElement)
nsIDOMNode renameNode (in nsIDOMNode node, in DOMString namespaceURI, in DOMString qualifiedName) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMNode replaceChild (in nsIDOMNode newChild, in nsIDOMNode oldChild) raises (DOMException)
Reset (nsIChannel *aChannel, nsILoadGroup *aLoadGroup)
virtual void ResetToURI (nsIURI *aURI, nsILoadGroup *aLoadGroup, nsIPrincipal *aPrincipal)
virtual nsresult Sanitize ()=0
virtual nsScriptLoader * ScriptLoader ()
virtual void SetBaseTarget (const nsAString &aBaseTarget)
virtual nsresult SetBaseURI (nsIURI *aURI)
void SetBidiEnabled (PRBool aBidiEnabled)
void SetBidiOptions (PRUint32 aBidiOptions)
void SetContainer (nsISupports *aContainer)
virtual void SetContentType (const nsAString &aContentType)
NS_IMETHOD SetCurrentRadioButton (const nsAString &aName, nsIDOMHTMLInputElement *aRadio)
virtual void SetDocumentCharacterSet (const nsACString &aCharSetID)
void SetDocumentCharacterSetSource (PRInt32 aCharsetSource)
virtual void SetDocumentURI (nsIURI *aURI)
void SetEditableFlag (PRBool aEditable)
void SetFlags (PtrBits aFlagsToSet)
virtual void SetFragmentParser (nsIParser *aParser)
virtual void SetHeaderData (nsIAtom *aheaderField, const nsAString &aData)
void SetIsInitialDocument (PRBool aIsInitialDocument)
void SetIsPopup (PRBool isPopup)
void SetJSObject (JSObject *aJSObject)
void SetLoadedAsData (PRBool aLoadedAsData)
void SetMathMLEnabled ()
void SetMayStartLayout (PRBool aMayStartLayout)
void SetParentDocument (nsIDocument *aParent)
void SetPartID (PRUint32 aID)
virtual void SetPrincipal (nsIPrincipal *aPrincipal)
virtual nsresult SetProperty (PRUint16 aCategory, nsIAtom *aPropertyName, void *aValue, NSPropertyDtorFunc aDtor=nsnull, PRBool aTransfer=PR_FALSE, void **aOldValue=nsnull)
nsresult SetProperty (nsIAtom *aPropertyName, void *aValue, NSPropertyDtorFunc aDtor=nsnull, PRBool aTransfer=PR_FALSE)
virtual void SetScriptGlobalObject (nsIScriptGlobalObject *aGlobalObject)
virtual void SetScriptHandlingObject (nsIScriptGlobalObject *aScriptObject)
void SetShellsHidden (PRBool aHide)
virtual void SetStyleSheetApplicableState (nsIStyleSheet *aSheet, PRBool aApplicable)
virtual nsresult SetSubDocumentFor (nsIContent *aContent, nsIDocument *aSubDoc)
NS_IMETHOD SetTemplateBuilderFor (nsIContent *aContent, nsIXULTemplateBuilder *aBuilder)
nsIVariant setUserData (in DOMString key, in nsIVariant data, in nsIDOMUserDataHandler handler)
virtual void SetXMLDeclaration (const PRUnichar *aVersion, const PRUnichar *aEncoding, const PRInt32 aStandalone)
PRBool ShellsAreHidden () const
virtual nsresult StartDocumentLoad (const char *aCommand, nsIChannel *channel, nsILoadGroup *aLoadGroup, nsISupports *aContainer, nsIStreamListener **aDocListener, PRBool aReset=PR_TRUE, nsIContentSink *aSink=nsnull)
nsresult StartLayout (void)
virtual void StopDocumentLoad ()
virtual void StyleRuleAdded (nsIStyleSheet *aStyleSheet, nsIStyleRule *aStyleRule)
virtual void StyleRuleChanged (nsIStyleSheet *aStyleSheet, nsIStyleRule *aOldStyleRule, nsIStyleRule *aNewStyleRule)
virtual void StyleRuleRemoved (nsIStyleSheet *aStyleSheet, nsIStyleRule *aStyleRule)
NS_IMETHOD StyleSheetLoaded (nsICSSStyleSheet *aSheet, PRBool aWasAlternate, nsresult aStatus)
nsIDOMNode trustedGetPopupNode ()
nsIDOMNode trustedGetTooltipNode ()
virtual void TryCancelFrameLoaderInitialization (nsIDocShell *aShell)=0
virtual void UnblockOnload (PRBool aFireSync)=0
void UnsetFlags (PtrBits aFlagsToUnset)
virtual void * UnsetProperty (PRUint16 aCategory, nsIAtom *aPropertyName, nsresult *aStatus=nsnull)
void * UnsetProperty (nsIAtom *aPropertyName, nsresult *aStatus=nsnull)
virtual void UpdateStyleSheets (nsCOMArray< nsIStyleSheet > &aOldSheets, nsCOMArray< nsIStyleSheet > &aNewSheets)
NS_IMETHOD WalkRadioGroup (const nsAString &aName, nsIRadioVisitor *aVisitor, PRBool aFlushContent)
virtual void WillDispatchMutationEvent (nsINode *aTarget)
virtual nsresult WillHandleEvent (nsEventChainPostVisitor &aVisitor)
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) Release(void)=0
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) AddRef(void)=0
NS_IMETHOD QueryInterface (REFNSIID aIID, void **aInstancePtr)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static nsresult GetElementsByClassNameHelper (nsINode *aRootNode, const nsAString &aClasses, nsIDOMNodeList **aReturn)
static PRBool MatchAttribute (nsIContent *aContent, PRInt32 aNameSpaceID, nsIAtom *aAttrName, void *aData)
static PRIntn RemoveElementsFromMapByContent (const PRUnichar *aID, nsIContent *aElement, void *aClosure)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute nsIDOMElement activeElement
virtual void * aData
virtual nsIDOMNodeList ** aResult
attribute boolean async
const unsigned short ATTRIBUTE_NODE = 2
readonly attribute
virtual nsIURI * aURI
readonly attribute DOMString baseURI
const unsigned short CDATA_SECTION_NODE = 4
readonly attribute DOMString characterSet
readonly attribute nsIDOMNodeList childNodes
readonly attribute
const unsigned short COMMENT_NODE = 8
readonly attribute DOMString contentType
readonly attribute
attribute DOMString dir
readonly attribute
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_FRAGMENT_NODE = 11
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_NODE = 9
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_CONTAINED_BY = 0x10
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_CONTAINS = 0x08
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_DISCONNECTED = 0x01
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_FOLLOWING = 0x04
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_PRECEDING = 0x02
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_TYPE_NODE = 10
readonly attribute nsIDOMElement documentElement
attribute DOMString documentURI
readonly attribute
const unsigned short ELEMENT_NODE = 1
const unsigned short ENTITY_NODE = 6
const unsigned short ENTITY_REFERENCE_NODE = 5
readonly attribute nsIDOMNode firstChild
readonly attribute long height
readonly attribute
readonly attribute DOMString inputEncoding
readonly attribute nsIDOMNode lastChild
readonly attribute DOMString lastModified
readonly attribute DOMString lastStyleSheetSet
readonly attribute DOMString localName
readonly attribute nsIDOMLocation location
readonly attribute DOMString namespaceURI
readonly attribute nsIDOMNode nextSibling
readonly attribute DOMString nodeName
readonly attribute unsigned short nodeType
attribute DOMString nodeValue
const unsigned short NOTATION_NODE = 12
readonly attribute nsIDOMDocument ownerDocument
readonly attribute nsIDOMNode parentNode
attribute nsIDOMNode popupNode
readonly attribute long popupRangeOffset
readonly attribute nsIDOMNode popupRangeParent
readonly attribute DOMString preferredStyleSheetSet
attribute DOMString prefix
readonly attribute nsIDOMNode previousSibling
const unsigned short PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION_NODE = 7
const unsigned long REDIRECT_INTERNAL = 1 << 2
const unsigned long REDIRECT_PERMANENT = 1 << 1
const unsigned long REDIRECT_TEMPORARY = 1 << 0
readonly attribute DOMString referrer
attribute PRUint32 scriptTypeID
attribute DOMString selectedStyleSheetSet
attribute boolean strictErrorChecking
readonly attribute
readonly attribute
const unsigned short TEXT_NODE = 3
attribute DOMString textContent
attribute DOMString title
attribute nsIDOMNode tooltipNode
readonly attribute long width
readonly attribute DOMString xmlEncoding
attribute boolean xmlStandalone
attribute DOMString xmlVersion

Protected Types

enum  { kParentBitMask = 0x3 }
typedef nsInterfaceHashtable
< nsISupportsHashKey,
enum  State { eState_Master, eState_Overlay }

Protected Member Functions

nsresult AddAttributes (nsXULPrototypeElement *aPrototype, nsIContent *aElement)
nsresult AddChromeOverlays ()
nsresult AddForwardReference (nsForwardReference *aRef)
nsresult AddPrototypeSheets ()
nsresult CheckBroadcasterHookup (nsIContent *aElement, PRBool *aNeedsHookup, PRBool *aDidResolve)
void ClearWeakReferences ()
nsresult CreateAndInsertPI (const nsXULPrototypePI *aProtoPI, nsINode *aParent, PRUint32 aIndex)
nsresult CreateElementFromPrototype (nsXULPrototypeElement *aPrototype, nsIContent **aResult)
nsresult CreateOverlayElement (nsXULPrototypeElement *aPrototype, nsIContent **aResult)
virtual nsINode::nsSlots * CreateSlots ()
void DestroyLinkMap ()
void DispatchContentLoadedEvents ()
void DispatchEventToWindow (nsEvent *aEvent)
nsresult doCreateShell (nsPresContext *aContext, nsIViewManager *aViewManager, nsStyleSet *aStyleSet, nsCompatibility aCompatMode, nsIPresShell **aInstancePtrResult)
nsresult DoneWalking ()
nsresult ExecuteScript (nsXULPrototypeScript *aScript)
nsresult ExecuteScript (nsIScriptContext *aContext, void *aScriptObject)
void FillStyleSet (nsStyleSet *aStyleSet)
nsresult FindBroadcaster (nsIContent *aElement, nsIDOMElement **aListener, nsString &aBroadcasterID, nsString &aAttribute, nsIDOMElement **aBroadcaster)
nsSlots * FlagsAsSlots () const
virtual nsStyleSet::sheetType GetAttrSheetType ()
nsSlots * GetExistingSlots () const
< nsIMutationObserver * > * 
GetMutationObservers ()
nsSlots * GetSlots ()
PRBool HasSlots () const
PRBool HasWeakReferences () const
void InitializeFinalizeFrameLoaders ()
nsresult InsertXMLStylesheetPI (const nsXULPrototypePI *aProtoPI, nsINode *aParent, PRUint32 aIndex, nsIContent *aPINode)
nsresult InsertXULOverlayPI (const nsXULPrototypePI *aProtoPI, nsINode *aParent, PRUint32 aIndex, nsIContent *aPINode)
virtual PRBool IsEditableExternal () const
PRBool IsEditableInternal () const
PRBool IsSafeToFlush () const
nsresult LoadScript (nsXULPrototypeScript *aScriptProto, PRBool *aBlock)
nsresult Persist (nsIContent *aElement, PRInt32 aNameSpaceID, nsIAtom *aAttribute)
nsresult PrepareToWalk ()
void ReportMissingOverlay (nsIURI *aURI)
nsresult ResetStylesheetsToURI (nsIURI *aURI)
nsresult ResolveForwardReferences ()
nsresult ResumeWalk ()
void RetrieveRelevantHeaders (nsIChannel *aChannel)
void SynchronizeBroadcastListener (nsIDOMElement *aBroadcaster, nsIDOMElement *aListener, const nsAString &aAttr)
void UpdateLinkMap ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static PRBool CheckGetElementByIdArg (const nsAString &aId)
static nsresult CheckTemplateBuilderHookup (nsIContent *aElement, PRBool *aNeedsHookup)
static nsresult CreateTemplateBuilder (nsIContent *aElement)
static void DestroyClassNameArray (void *aData)
static nsresult InsertElement (nsIContent *aParent, nsIContent *aChild, PRBool aNotify)
static PRBool MatchClassNames (nsIContent *aContent, PRInt32 aNamespaceID, nsIAtom *aAtom, void *aData)
static nsresult RemoveElement (nsIContent *aParent, nsIContent *aChild)
static PRBool TryChannelCharset (nsIChannel *aChannel, PRInt32 &aCharsetSource, nsACString &aCharset)

Protected Attributes

PRPackedBool mApplyingPersistedAttrs
PRPackedBool mAsync
nsRefPtr< nsHTMLStyleSheet > mAttrStyleSheet
nsString mBaseTarget
PRPackedBool mBidiEnabled
PRUint32 mBidiOptions
< nsVoidPtrHashKey,
nsPIBoxObject > * 
PLDHashTable * mBroadcasterMap
nsCOMPtr< nsINodemCachedRootContent
nsCOMArray< nsIStyleSheetmCatalogSheets
nsCOMPtr< nsIChannelmChannel
PRPackedBool mChannelIsPending
nsCString mCharacterSet
PRInt32 mCharacterSetSource
nsVoidArray mCharSetObservers
nsAttrAndChildArray mChildren
< nsIDOMXULCommandDispatcher > 
nsCompatibility mCompatMode
nsCString mContentLanguage
nsCString mContentType
< nsVoidPtrHashKey,
nsISupports > * 
ContextStack mContextStack
nsICSSLoader * mCSSLoader
nsRefPtr< nsXULPrototypeDocumentmCurrentPrototype
nsXULPrototypeScript * mCurrentScriptProto
PRUint8 mDefaultElementType
PRPackedBool mDelayFrameLoaderInitialization:1
nsCOMPtr< nsIURI > mDocumentBaseURI
nsWeakPtr mDocumentContainer
PRPackedBool mDocumentLoaded
nsWeakPtr mDocumentLoadGroup
nsString mDocumentTitle
nsCOMPtr< nsIURI > mDocumentURI
nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMStyleSheetListmDOMStyleSheets
nsElementMap mElementMap
PtrBits mFlagsOrSlots
nsTArray< nsAutoPtr
< nsForwardReference > > 
PRPackedBool mHasHadScriptHandlingObject:1
PRPackedBool mHasWarnedAboutBoxObjects:1
nsDocHeaderData * mHeaderData
PRPackedBool mInDestructor:1
PRBool mInitialLayoutComplete
PRPackedBool mIsGoingAway:1
PRPackedBool mIsInitialDocumentInWindow
PRPackedBool mIsPopup
PRPackedBool mIsWritingFastLoad
nsString mLastModified
nsCOMPtr< nsIEventListenerManager > mListenerManager
PRPackedBool mLoadedAsData
PRPackedBool mLoadedAsInteractiveData
nsCOMPtr< nsIRDFDataSource > mLocalStore
PRPackedBool mLoopingForSyncLoad
PRUint32 mMarkedCCGeneration
nsRefPtr< nsXULPrototypeDocumentmMasterPrototype
PRPackedBool mMathMLEnabled
PRPackedBool mMayStartLayout
nsCOMPtr< nsINodeInfo > mNodeInfo
nsNodeInfoManager * mNodeInfoManager
< nsIDocumentObserver * > 
< nsURIHashKey, nsIObserver
nsCOMArray< nsICSSStyleSheet > mOverlaySheets
nsIDocument * mParentDocument
PtrBits mParentPtrBits
nsCOMPtr< nsIParsermParser
PRUint32 mPartID
< nsURIHashKey, nsIObserver
PRUint32 mPendingSheets
nsTObserverArray< nsIPresShell * > mPresShells
nsPropertyTable mPropertyTable
nsTArray< nsRefPtr
< nsXULPrototypeDocument > > 
< nsStringHashKey,
nsCString mReferrer
PRPackedBool mRemovedFromDocShell:1
nsForwardReference::Phase mResolutionPhase
nsWeakPtr mScopeObject
nsCOMPtr< nsIScriptEventManager > mScriptEventManager
nsCOMPtr< nsIScriptGlobalObjectmScriptGlobalObject
nsRefPtr< nsScriptLoader > mScriptLoader
nsWeakPtr mScriptObject
nsCOMPtr< nsISupportsmSecurityInfo
PRPackedBool mShellsAreHidden
State mState
PRPackedBool mStillWalking
nsCOMPtr< nsIHTMLCSSStyleSheet > mStyleAttrStyleSheet
nsCOMArray< nsIStyleSheetmStyleSheets
nsRefPtr< nsDOMStyleSheetSetList > mStyleSheetSetList
PLDHashTable * mSubDocuments
PRUint32 mSubtreeModifiedDepth
nsCOMArray< nsINodemSubtreeModifiedTargets
nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNodemTooltipNode
nsCOMArray< nsIURI > mUnloadedOverlays
PRUint32 mUpdateNestLevel
PRPackedBool mVisible:1
nsWeakPtr mWeakSink
nsPIDOMWindow * mWindow
PRUint8 mXMLDeclarationBits
nsRefPtr< nsXMLEventsManager > mXMLEventsManager

Static Protected Attributes

static nsIRDFServicegRDFService
static PRInt32 gRefCnt = 0
static nsXULPrototypeCachegXULCache
static PRLogModuleInfo * gXULLog
static nsIAtom ** kIdentityAttrs []
static nsIRDFResourcekNC_attribute
static nsIRDFResourcekNC_persist
static nsIRDFResourcekNC_value


class BroadcasterHookup
class CachedChromeStreamListener
class ContextStack
class mozAutoSubtreeModified
class nsNodeSupportsWeakRefTearoff
class nsNodeUtils
class nsNodeWeakReference
class nsPresShellIterator
class OverlayForwardReference
class ParserObserver
class TemplateBuilderHookup


class  BroadcasterHookup
class  CachedChromeStreamListener
class  ContextStack
class  OverlayForwardReference
class  ParserObserver
class  TemplateBuilderHookup

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