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nsTableRowFrame Class Reference

#include <nsTableRowFrame.h>

Inheritance diagram for nsTableRowFrame:

nsContainerFrame nsFrame nsIFrame nsISupports

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Detailed Description

nsTableRowFrame is the frame that maps table rows (HTML tag TR). This class cannot be reused outside of an nsTableRowGroupFrame. It assumes that its parent is an nsTableRowGroupFrame, and its children are nsTableCellFrames.

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Definition at line 67 of file nsTableRowFrame.h.

Public Types

enum  {
  eMathML = 1 << 0, eSVG = 1 << 1, eSVGForeignObject = 1 << 2, eBidiInlineContainer = 1 << 3,
  eReplaced = 1 << 4, eReplacedContainsBlock = 1 << 5, eLineParticipant = 1 << 6, eXULBox = 1 << 7,
  eCanContainOverflowContainers = 1 << 8, eBlockFrame = 1 << 9, eDEBUGAllFrames = 1 << 30, eDEBUGNoFrames = 1 << 31
enum  Halignment { hAlign_Left, hAlign_Right, hAlign_Center }
enum  Valignment { vAlign_Top, vAlign_Middle, vAlign_BaseLine, vAlign_Bottom }

Public Member Functions

void AddBorderAndPadding (nsSize &aSize)
virtual nsresult AddFrames (nsIFrame *aFrameList, nsIFrame *aPrevSibling)
virtual void AddInlineMinWidth (nsIRenderingContext *aRenderingContext, InlineMinWidthData *aData)
virtual void AddInlinePrefWidth (nsIRenderingContext *aRenderingContext, InlinePrefWidthData *aData)
void AddMargin (nsSize &aSize)
void AddStateBits (nsFrameState aBits)
virtual void AdjustOffsetsForBidi (PRInt32 aStart, PRInt32 aEnd)
NS_IMETHOD AppendFrames (nsIAtom *aListName, nsIFrame *aFrameList)
void ApplySkipSides (nsMargin &aMargin) const
virtual PRBool AreAncestorViewsVisible () const
NS_IMETHOD AttributeChanged (PRInt32 aNameSpaceID, nsIAtom *aAttribute, PRInt32 aModType)
PRBool BreakWordBetweenPunctuation (const PeekWordState *aState, PRBool aForward, PRBool aPunctAfter, PRBool aWhitespaceAfter, PRBool aIsKeyboardSelect)
NS_IMETHOD BuildDisplayList (nsDisplayListBuilder *aBuilder, const nsRect &aDirtyRect, const nsDisplayListSet &aLists)
nsresult BuildDisplayListForChild (nsDisplayListBuilder *aBuilder, nsIFrame *aChild, const nsRect &aDirtyRect, const nsDisplayListSet &aLists, PRUint32 aFlags=0)
nsresult BuildDisplayListForStackingContext (nsDisplayListBuilder *aBuilder, const nsRect &aDirtyRect, nsDisplayList *aList)
virtual PRBool CachedIsEmpty ()
virtual ContentOffsets CalcContentOffsetsFromFramePoint (nsPoint aPoint)
nscoord CalcHeight (const nsHTMLReflowState &aReflowState)
nsresult CalculateCellActualSize (nsIFrame *aRowFrame, nscoord &aDesiredWidth, nscoord &aDesiredHeight, nscoord aAvailWidth)
virtual PRBool CanContinueTextRun () const
NS_IMETHOD CaptureMouse (nsPresContext *aPresContext, PRBool aGrabMouseEvents)
NS_IMETHOD CharacterDataChanged (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIContent *aChild, PRBool aAppend)
void CheckInvalidateSizeChange (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsHTMLReflowMetrics &aDesiredSize, const nsHTMLReflowState &aReflowState)
NS_IMETHOD CheckVisibility (nsPresContext *aContext, PRInt32 aStartIndex, PRInt32 aEndIndex, PRBool aRecurse, PRBool *aFinished, PRBool *_retval)
virtual void ChildIsDirty (nsIFrame *aChild)
virtual PRBool ChildrenMustHaveWidgets () const
nsresult Clip (nsDisplayListBuilder *aBuilder, const nsDisplayListSet &aFromSet, const nsDisplayListSet &aToSet, const nsRect &aClipRect)
nscoord CollapseRowIfNecessary (nscoord aRowOffset, nscoord aWidth, PRBool aCollapseGroup, PRBool &aDidCollapse)
virtual nsSize ComputeAutoSize (nsIRenderingContext *aRenderingContext, nsSize aCBSize, nscoord aAvailableWidth, nsSize aMargin, nsSize aBorder, nsSize aPadding, PRBool aShrinkWrap)
nsRect ComputeSimpleTightBounds (gfxContext *aContext) const
virtual nsSize ComputeSize (nsIRenderingContext *aRenderingContext, nsSize aCBSize, nscoord aAvailableWidth, nsSize aMargin, nsSize aBorder, nsSize aPadding, PRBool aShrinkWrap)
virtual PRBool ComputesOwnOverflowArea ()
virtual nsRect ComputeTightBounds (gfxContext *aContext) const
void ConsiderChildOverflow (nsRect &aOverflowArea, nsIFrame *aChildFrame)
void CoordNeedsRecalc (nscoord &aCoord)
virtual nsresult CreateWidgetForView (nsIView *aView)
virtual void DeleteNextInFlowChild (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIFrame *aNextInFlow)
virtual void Destroy ()
NS_IMETHOD DidReflow (nsPresContext *aPresContext, const nsHTMLReflowState *aReflowState, nsDidReflowStatus aStatus)
void DidResize ()
nsresult DisplayBorderBackgroundOutline (nsDisplayListBuilder *aBuilder, const nsDisplayListSet &aLists, PRBool aForceBackground=PR_FALSE)
nsresult DisplayCaret (nsDisplayListBuilder *aBuilder, const nsRect &aDirtyRect, const nsDisplayListSet &aLists)
nsresult DisplayOutline (nsDisplayListBuilder *aBuilder, const nsDisplayListSet &aLists)
nsresult DisplayOutlineUnconditional (nsDisplayListBuilder *aBuilder, const nsDisplayListSet &aLists)
void DisplayOverflowContainers (nsDisplayListBuilder *aBuilder, const nsRect &aDirtyRect, const nsDisplayListSet &aLists)
nsresult DisplayTextDecorations (nsDisplayListBuilder *aBuilder, nsDisplayList *aBelowTextDecorations, nsDisplayList *aAboveTextDecorations, nsLineBox *aLine)
virtual PRBool DoesClipChildren ()
PRBool DoesNeedRecalc (nscoord aCoord)
PRBool DoesNeedRecalc (const nsSize &aSize)
nsresult DoGetParentStyleContextFrame (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIFrame **aProviderFrame, PRBool *aIsChild)
void DoInlineIntrinsicWidth (nsIRenderingContext *aRenderingContext, InlineIntrinsicWidthData *aData, nsLayoutUtils::IntrinsicWidthType aType)
void FinishAndStoreOverflow (nsHTMLReflowMetrics *aMetrics)
void FinishAndStoreOverflow (nsRect *aOverflowArea, nsSize aNewSize)
PRBool GetAbsPosClipRect (const nsStyleDisplay *aDisp, nsRect *aRect, const nsSize &aSize)
virtual nsIAtom * GetAdditionalChildListName (PRInt32 aIndex) const
virtual nsStyleContext * GetAdditionalStyleContext (PRInt32 aIndex) const
nsIFrameGetAncestorWithView () const
virtual nsIFrameGetAncestorWithViewExternal () const
virtual nscoord GetBaseline () const
nsMargin * GetBCBorderWidth (nsMargin &aBorder)
NS_IMETHOD GetBorder (nsMargin &aBorderAndPadding)
NS_IMETHOD GetBorderAndPadding (nsMargin &aBorderAndPadding)
nscoord GetBottomBCBorderWidth ()
virtual nscoord GetBoxAscent (nsBoxLayoutState &aBoxLayoutState)
nsIBox * GetChildBox () const
NS_IMETHOD GetChildFrameContainingOffset (PRInt32 inContentOffset, PRBool inHint, PRInt32 *outFrameContentOffset, nsIFrame **outChildFrame)
nsIViewGetClosestView (nsPoint *aOffset=nsnull) const
const nsFrameSelectionGetConstFrameSelection ()
nsIContentGetContent () const
NS_IMETHOD GetContentForEvent (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsEvent *aEvent, nsIContent **aContent)
PRBool GetContentHeight () const
virtual nsIFrameGetContentInsertionFrame ()
ContentOffsets GetContentOffsetsFromPoint (nsPoint aPoint, PRBool aIgnoreSelectionStyle=PR_FALSE)
virtual ContentOffsets GetContentOffsetsFromPointExternal (nsPoint aPoint, PRBool aIgnoreSelectionStyle=PR_FALSE)
nsRect GetContentRect () const
void GetContinuousBCBorderWidth (nsMargin &aBorder)
NS_IMETHOD GetCursor (const nsPoint &aPoint, nsIFrame::Cursor &aCursor)
nsPeekOffsetStruct GetExtremeCaretPosition (PRBool aStart)
nsTableCellFrameGetFirstCell ()
virtual nsIFrameGetFirstChild (nsIAtom *aListName) const
virtual nsIFrameGetFirstContinuation () const
virtual nsIFrameGetFirstInFlow () const
nscoord GetFixedHeight () const
virtual nscoord GetFlex (nsBoxLayoutState &aBoxLayoutState)
nsresult GetFrameFromDirection (nsDirection aDirection, PRBool aVisual, PRBool aJumpLines, PRBool aScrollViewStop, nsIFrame **aOutFrame, PRInt32 *aOutOffset, PRBool *aOutJumpedLine)
< nsFrameSelection
GetFrameSelection ()
virtual Halignment GetHAlign () const
nscoord GetHeight (nscoord aBasis=0) const
virtual nsSize GetIntrinsicRatio ()
virtual IntrinsicSize GetIntrinsicSize ()
virtual nsIFrameGetLastContinuation () const
virtual nsIFrameGetLastInFlow () const
NS_IMETHOD GetLayoutManager (nsIBoxLayout **aLayout)
NS_IMETHOD GetMargin (nsMargin &aMargin)
nsRect GetMarginRect () const
nscoord GetMaxCellAscent () const
virtual nsSize GetMaxSize (nsBoxLayoutState &aBoxLayoutState)
virtual nsSize GetMinSize (nsBoxLayoutState &aBoxLayoutState)
virtual nsSize GetMinSizeForScrollArea (nsBoxLayoutState &aBoxLayoutState)
virtual nscoord GetMinWidth (nsIRenderingContext *aRenderingContext)
virtual nsIViewGetMouseCapturer () const
virtual PRBool GetMouseThrough () const
nsIBox * GetNextBox () const
virtual nsIFrameGetNextContinuation () const
nsIFrameGetNextInFlow () const
virtual nsIFrameGetNextInFlowVirtual () const
nsTableRowFrameGetNextRow () const
nsIFrameGetNextSibling () const
NS_IMETHOD GetOffsetFromView (nsPoint &aOffset, nsIView **aView) const
NS_IMETHOD GetOffsets (PRInt32 &aStart, PRInt32 &aEnd) const
nsPoint GetOffsetTo (const nsIFrame *aOther) const
virtual nsPoint GetOffsetToExternal (const nsIFrame *aOther) const
PRUint32 GetOrdinal (nsBoxLayoutState &aBoxLayoutState)
NS_IMETHOD GetOriginToViewOffset (nsPoint &aOffset, nsIView **aView) const
nscoord GetOuterTopContBCBorderWidth ()
nsRect GetOverflowRect () const
NS_IMETHOD GetPadding (nsMargin &aBorderAndPadding)
nsRect GetPaddingRect () const
nsIFrameGetParent () const
nsIBox * GetParentBox () const
NS_IMETHOD GetParentStyleContextFrame (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIFrame **aProviderFrame, PRBool *aIsChild)
virtual nsIViewGetParentViewForChildFrame (nsIFrame *aFrame) const
float GetPctHeight () const
NS_IMETHOD GetPointFromOffset (PRInt32 inOffset, nsPoint *outPoint)
nsPoint GetPosition () const
nsPoint GetPositionIgnoringScrolling ()
virtual nsPoint GetPositionOfChildIgnoringScrolling (nsIFrame *aChild)
virtual nsSize GetPrefSize (nsBoxLayoutState &aBoxLayoutState)
virtual nscoord GetPrefWidth (nsIRenderingContext *aRenderingContext)
virtual nsIFrameGetPrevContinuation () const
nsIFrameGetPrevInFlow () const
virtual nsIFrameGetPrevInFlowVirtual () const
nsRect GetRect () const
nsPoint GetRelativeOffset (const nsStyleDisplay *aDisplay=nsnull) const
virtual nsresult GetRenderedText (nsAString *aAppendToString=nsnull, gfxSkipChars *aSkipChars=nsnull, gfxSkipCharsIterator *aSkipIter=nsnull, PRUint32 aSkippedStartOffset=0, PRUint32 aSkippedMaxLength=PR_UINT32_MAX)
nscoord GetRowBaseline ()
virtual PRInt32 GetRowIndex () const
nsIntRect GetScreenRect () const
virtual nsIntRect GetScreenRectExternal () const
NS_IMETHOD GetSelected (PRBool *aSelected) const
NS_IMETHOD GetSelectionController (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsISelectionController **aSelCon)
nsSize GetSize () const
virtual nsSplittableType GetSplittableType () const
nsFrameState GetStateBits () const
nsStyleContext * GetStyleContext () const
virtual const void * GetStyleDataExternal (nsStyleStructID aSID) const
nsIFrameGetTailContinuation ()
nscoord GetTopBCBorderWidth ()
virtual nsIAtom * GetType () const
nscoord GetUnpaginatedHeight (nsPresContext *aPresContext)
virtual nsMargin GetUsedBorder () const
nsMargin GetUsedBorderAndPadding () const
virtual nsMargin GetUsedMargin () const
virtual nsMargin GetUsedPadding () const
virtual Valignment GetVAlign () const
nsIViewGetView () const
virtual nsIViewGetViewExternal () const
virtual nsIWidgetGetWindow () const
NS_IMETHOD HandleDrag (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsGUIEvent *aEvent, nsEventStatus *aEventStatus)
NS_IMETHOD HandleEvent (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsGUIEvent *aEvent, nsEventStatus *aEventStatus)
NS_IMETHOD HandleMultiplePress (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsGUIEvent *aEvent, nsEventStatus *aEventStatus)
NS_IMETHOD HandlePress (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsGUIEvent *aEvent, nsEventStatus *aEventStatus)
NS_IMETHOD HandleRelease (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsGUIEvent *aEvent, nsEventStatus *aEventStatus)
PRBool HasFixedHeight () const
PRBool HasPctHeight () const
PRBool HasStyleHeight () const
virtual PRBool HasTerminalNewline () const
PRBool HasUnpaginatedHeight ()
PRBool HasView () const
virtual PRBool HonorPrintBackgroundSettings ()
NS_IMETHOD Init (nsIContent *aContent, nsIFrame *aParent, nsIFrame *aPrevInFlow)
void InsertCellFrame (nsTableCellFrame *aFrame, PRInt32 aColIndex)
void InsertCellFrame (nsTableCellFrame *aFrame, nsTableCellFrame *aPrevSibling)
NS_IMETHOD InsertFrames (nsIAtom *aListName, nsIFrame *aPrevFrame, nsIFrame *aFrameList)
virtual IntrinsicWidthOffsetData IntrinsicWidthOffsets (nsIRenderingContext *aRenderingContext)
void Invalidate (const nsRect &aDamageRect, PRBool aImmediate=PR_FALSE)
virtual void InvalidateInternal (const nsRect &aDamageRect, nscoord aOffsetX, nscoord aOffsetY, nsIFrame *aForChild, PRBool aImmediate)
void InvalidateOverflowRect ()
void InvalidateRectDifference (const nsRect &aR1, const nsRect &aR2)
PRBool IsBoxFrame () const
PRBool IsBoxWrapped () const
virtual PRBool IsCollapsed (nsBoxLayoutState &aBoxLayoutState)
virtual PRBool IsContainingBlock () const
virtual PRBool IsEmpty ()
PRBool IsFirstInserted () const
virtual PRBool IsFloatContainingBlock () const
virtual PRBool IsFocusable (PRInt32 *aTabIndex=nsnull, PRBool aWithMouse=PR_FALSE)
virtual PRBool IsFrameOfType (PRUint32 aFlags) const
PRBool IsFrameTreeTooDeep (const nsHTMLReflowState &aReflowState, nsHTMLReflowMetrics &aMetrics)
PRBool IsGeneratedContentFrame ()
PRBool IsHorizontal () const
virtual PRBool IsLeaf () const
PRBool IsMouseCaptured (nsPresContext *aPresContext)
PRBool IsNormalDirection () const
PRBool IsPseudoFrame (nsIContent *aParentContent)
PRBool IsPseudoStackingContextFromStyle ()
NS_IMETHOD IsSelectable (PRBool *aIsSelectable, PRUint8 *aSelectStyle) const
virtual PRBool IsSelfEmpty ()
PRBool IsThemed (const nsStyleDisplay *aDisp)
PRBool IsThemed ()
PRBool IsVisibleForPainting ()
PRBool IsVisibleForPainting (nsDisplayListBuilder *aBuilder)
virtual PRBool IsVisibleInSelection (nsISelection *aSelection)
PRBool IsVisibleInSelection (nsDisplayListBuilder *aBuilder)
PRBool IsVisibleOrCollapsedForPainting (nsDisplayListBuilder *aBuilder)
virtual void MarkIntrinsicWidthsDirty ()
virtual PRBool NeedsView ()
 NS_HIDDEN_ (nsresult) DeleteProperty(nsIAtom *aPropertyName) const
 NS_HIDDEN_ (void *) GetProperty(nsIAtom *aPropertyName
 NS_HIDDEN_ (nsresult) SyncLayout(nsBoxLayoutState &aBoxLayoutState)
void operator delete (void *aPtr, size_t sz)
void * operator new (size_t sz, nsIPresShell *aPresShell) CPP_THROW_NEW
nsresult OverflowClip (nsDisplayListBuilder *aBuilder, const nsDisplayListSet &aFromSet, const nsDisplayListSet &aToSet, const nsRect &aClipRect, PRBool aClipBorderBackground=PR_FALSE, PRBool aClipAll=PR_FALSE)
NS_IMETHOD PeekBackwardAndForward (nsSelectionAmount aAmountBack, nsSelectionAmount aAmountForward, PRInt32 aStartPos, nsPresContext *aPresContext, PRBool aJumpLines)
NS_IMETHOD PeekOffset (nsPeekOffsetStruct *aPos)
virtual PRBool PeekOffsetCharacter (PRBool aForward, PRInt32 *aOffset)
virtual PRBool PeekOffsetNoAmount (PRBool aForward, PRInt32 *aOffset)
virtual PRBool PeekOffsetWord (PRBool aForward, PRBool aWordSelectEatSpace, PRBool aIsKeyboardSelect, PRInt32 *aOffset, PeekWordState *aState)
nsPresContext * PresContext () const
NS_IMETHOD QueryInterface (const nsIID &aIID, void **aInstancePtr)
NS_IMETHOD Reflow (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsHTMLReflowMetrics &aDesiredSize, const nsHTMLReflowState &aReflowState, nsReflowStatus &aStatus)
nscoord ReflowCellFrame (nsPresContext *aPresContext, const nsHTMLReflowState &aReflowState, PRBool aIsTopOfPage, nsTableCellFrame *aCellFrame, nscoord aAvailableHeight, nsReflowStatus &aStatus)
nsresult ReflowChild (nsIFrame *aKidFrame, nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsHTMLReflowMetrics &aDesiredSize, const nsHTMLReflowState &aReflowState, nscoord aX, nscoord aY, PRUint32 aFlags, nsReflowStatus &aStatus, nsOverflowContinuationTracker *aTracker=nsnull)
nsresult ReflowOverflowContainerChildren (nsPresContext *aPresContext, const nsHTMLReflowState &aReflowState, nsRect &aOverflowRect, PRUint32 aFlags, nsReflowStatus &aStatus)
NS_IMETHOD RelayoutChildAtOrdinal (nsBoxLayoutState &aState, nsIBox *aChild)
void RemoveCellFrame (nsTableCellFrame *aFrame)
virtual void RemovedAsPrimaryFrame ()
NS_IMETHOD RemoveFrame (nsIAtom *aListName, nsIFrame *aOldFrame)
void RemoveStateBits (nsFrameState aBits)
void ResetHeight (nscoord aRowStyleHeight)
virtual void SetAdditionalStyleContext (PRInt32 aIndex, nsStyleContext *aStyleContext)
void SetBottomBCBorderWidth (BCPixelSize aWidth)
virtual void SetBounds (nsBoxLayoutState &aBoxLayoutState, const nsRect &aRect, PRBool aRemoveOverflowArea=PR_FALSE)
void SetContentHeight (nscoord aTwipValue)
void SetContinuousBCBorderWidth (PRUint8 aForSide, BCPixelSize aPixelValue)
void SetFirstInserted (PRBool aValue)
void SetFixedHeight (nscoord aValue)
void SetHasFixedHeight (PRBool aValue)
void SetHasPctHeight (PRBool aValue)
void SetHasUnpaginatedHeight (PRBool aValue)
NS_IMETHOD SetInitialChildList (nsIAtom *aListName, nsIFrame *aChildList)
NS_IMETHOD SetLayoutManager (nsIBoxLayout *aLayout)
NS_IMETHOD SetNextContinuation (nsIFrame *)
NS_IMETHOD SetNextInFlow (nsIFrame *)
void SetNextSibling (nsIFrame *aNextSibling)
NS_IMETHOD SetParent (const nsIFrame *aParent)
void SetPctHeight (float aPctValue, PRBool aForce=PR_FALSE)
void SetPosition (const nsPoint &aPt)
NS_IMETHOD SetPrevContinuation (nsIFrame *)
NS_IMETHOD SetPrevInFlow (nsIFrame *)
void SetRect (const nsRect &aRect)
void SetRowIndex (int aRowIndex)
NS_IMETHOD SetSelected (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIDOMRange *aRange, PRBool aSelected, nsSpread aSpread)
void SetSize (const nsSize &aSize)
void SetStyleContext (nsStyleContext *aContext)
void SetStyleContextWithoutNotification (nsStyleContext *aContext)
void SetTopBCBorderWidth (BCPixelSize aWidth)
void SetUnpaginatedHeight (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nscoord aValue)
nsresult SetView (nsIView *aView)
nscoord ShrinkWidthToFit (nsIRenderingContext *aRenderingContext, nscoord aWidthInCB)
void SizeNeedsRecalc (nsSize &aSize)
virtual nsresult StealFrame (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIFrame *aChild, PRBool aForceNormal=PR_FALSE)
virtual PRBool SupportsVisibilityHidden ()
void UpdateHeight (nscoord aHeight, nscoord aAscent, nscoord aDescent, nsTableFrame *aTableFrame=nsnull, nsTableCellFrame *aCellFrame=nsnull)
NS_IMETHOD WillReflow (nsPresContext *aPresContext)
NS_IMETHOD QueryInterface (REFNSIID aIID, void **aInstancePtr)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static void AddBorderAndPadding (nsIBox *aBox, nsSize &aSize)
static PRBool AddCSSCollapsed (nsBoxLayoutState &aState, nsIBox *aBox, PRBool &aCollapsed)
static PRBool AddCSSFlex (nsBoxLayoutState &aState, nsIBox *aBox, nscoord &aFlex)
static PRBool AddCSSMaxSize (nsBoxLayoutState &aState, nsIBox *aBox, nsSize &aSize)
static PRBool AddCSSMinSize (nsBoxLayoutState &aState, nsIBox *aBox, nsSize &aSize)
static PRBool AddCSSOrdinal (nsBoxLayoutState &aState, nsIBox *aBox, PRUint32 &aOrdinal)
static PRBool AddCSSPrefSize (nsBoxLayoutState &aState, nsIBox *aBox, nsSize &aSize)
static void AddMargin (nsSize &aSize, const nsMargin &aMargin)
static void AddMargin (nsIBox *aChild, nsSize &aSize)
static nscoord BoundsCheck (nscoord aMinSize, nscoord aPrefSize, nscoord aMaxSize)
static nsSize BoundsCheck (const nsSize &aMinSize, const nsSize &aPrefSize, const nsSize &aMaxSize)
static nsSize BoundsCheckMinMax (const nsSize &aMinSize, const nsSize &aMaxSize)
static void BreakFromPrevFlow (nsIFrame *aFrame)
static nsIFrameCorrectStyleParentFrame (nsIFrame *aProspectiveParent, nsIAtom *aChildPseudo)
static nsresult CreateNextInFlow (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIFrame *aOuterFrame, nsIFrame *aFrame, nsIFrame *&aNextInFlowResult)
static nsresult CreateViewForFrame (nsIFrame *aFrame, nsIFrame *aContentParentFrame, PRBool aForce)
static nsresult FinishReflowChild (nsIFrame *aKidFrame, nsPresContext *aPresContext, const nsHTMLReflowState *aReflowState, const nsHTMLReflowMetrics &aDesiredSize, nscoord aX, nscoord aY, PRUint32 aFlags)
static PRBool FrameNeedsView (nsIFrame *aFrame)
static void GetFirstLeaf (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIFrame **aFrame)
static void GetLastLeaf (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIFrame **aFrame)
static PRInt32 GetLineNumber (nsIFrame *aFrame, nsIFrame **aContainingBlock=nsnull)
static nsIFrameGetNearestCapturingFrame (nsIFrame *aFrame)
static nsresult GetNextPrevLineFromeBlockFrame (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsPeekOffsetStruct *aPos, nsIFrame *aBlockFrame, PRInt32 aLineStart, PRInt8 aOutSideLimit)
static PRInt32 LengthOf (nsIFrame *aFrameList)
static void PositionChildViews (nsIFrame *aFrame)
static void PositionFrameView (nsIFrame *aKidFrame)
static void RemoveFromFlow (nsIFrame *aFrame)
static nsresult ReparentFrameView (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIFrame *aChildFrame, nsIFrame *aOldParentFrame, nsIFrame *aNewParentFrame)
static nsresult ReparentFrameViewList (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIFrame *aChildFrameList, nsIFrame *aOldParentFrame, nsIFrame *aNewParentFrame)
static void Shutdown ()
static void SyncFrameViewAfterReflow (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIFrame *aFrame, nsIView *aView, const nsRect *aCombinedArea, PRUint32 aFlags=0)
static void SyncFrameViewProperties (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIFrame *aFrame, nsStyleContext *aStyleContext, nsIView *aView, PRUint32 aFlags=0)

Public Attributes

void NSPropertyDtorFunc aDestructor = nsnull
void NSPropertyDtorFunc void * aDtorData = nsnull)
const nsRect PRBool aImmediate = PR_FALSE)
const nsRect * aRect = nsnull
nsresult * aStatus = nsnull) const
void * aValue
virtual nsresult *aStatus const

Protected Types

enum  eMouseThrough { unset, never, always }

Protected Member Functions

nsBoxLayoutMetrics * BoxMetrics () const
nsresult BuildDisplayListForNonBlockChildren (nsDisplayListBuilder *aBuilder, const nsRect &aDirtyRect, const nsDisplayListSet &aLists, PRUint32 aFlags=0)
nscoord ComputeCellXOffset (const nsHTMLReflowState &aState, nsIFrame *aKidFrame, const nsMargin &aKidMargin) const
NS_IMETHOD DidSetStyleContext ()
PRInt16 DisplaySelection (nsPresContext *aPresContext, PRBool isOkToTurnOn=PR_FALSE)
nsresult DisplaySelectionOverlay (nsDisplayListBuilder *aBuilder, const nsDisplayListSet &aLists, PRUint16 aContentType=nsISelectionDisplay::DISPLAY_FRAMES)
nsresult DisplayTextDecorationsAndChildren (nsDisplayListBuilder *aBuilder, const nsRect &aDirtyRect, const nsDisplayListSet &aLists)
NS_IMETHOD DoLayout (nsBoxLayoutState &aBoxLayoutState)
void FireDOMEvent (const nsAString &aDOMEventName, nsIContent *aContent=nsnull)
NS_IMETHOD GetDataForTableSelection (const nsFrameSelection *aFrameSelection, nsIPresShell *aPresShell, nsMouseEvent *aMouseEvent, nsIContent **aParentContent, PRInt32 *aContentOffset, PRInt32 *aTarget)
virtual PRBool GetDefaultFlex (PRInt32 &aFlex)
virtual void GetLayoutFlags (PRUint32 &aFlags)
nsIFrameGetOverflowFrames (nsPresContext *aPresContext, PRBool aRemoveProperty) const
nsFrameListGetPropTableFrames (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIAtom *aPropID) const
virtual PRIntn GetSkipSides () const
void GetTextDecorations (nsPresContext *aPresContext, PRBool aIsBlock, PRUint8 &aDecorations, nscolor &aUnderColor, nscolor &aOverColor, nscolor &aStrikeColor)
virtual PRBool GetWasCollapsed (nsBoxLayoutState &aState)
PRBool HasBorder () const
void InitBoxMetrics (PRBool aClear)
void InitChildReflowState (nsPresContext &aPresContext, const nsSize &aAvailSize, PRBool aBorderCollapse, nsTableCellReflowState &aReflowState)
void InvalidateRoot (const nsRect &aDamageRect, nscoord aOffsetX, nscoord aOffsetY, PRBool aImmediate)
PRBool MoveOverflowToChildList (nsPresContext *aPresContext)
 NS_HIDDEN_ (nsresult) EndLayout(nsBoxLayoutState &aState)
 NS_HIDDEN_ (nsresult) BeginLayout(nsBoxLayoutState &aState)
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) Release(void)
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) AddRef(void)
 nsTableRowFrame (nsStyleContext *aContext)
virtual void PaintTextDecorationLine (nsIRenderingContext &aRenderingContext, const nsPoint &aPt, nsLineBox *aLine, nscolor aColor, gfxFloat aOffset, gfxFloat aAscent, gfxFloat aSize, const PRUint8 aDecoration)
virtual PRBool ParentDisablesSelection () const
nsresult PeekOffsetParagraph (nsPeekOffsetStruct *aPos)
void PushChildren (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIFrame *aFromChild, nsIFrame *aPrevSibling)
NS_IMETHOD ReflowChildren (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsHTMLReflowMetrics &aDesiredSize, const nsHTMLReflowState &aReflowState, nsTableFrame &aTableFrame, nsReflowStatus &aStatus)
PRBool RemovePropTableFrame (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIFrame *aFrame, nsIAtom *aPropID) const
nsFrameListRemovePropTableFrames (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIAtom *aPropID) const
nsresult SetOverflowFrames (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsIFrame *aOverflowFrames)
nsresult SetPropTableFrames (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsFrameList *aFrameList, nsIAtom *aPropID) const
virtual void SetWasCollapsed (nsBoxLayoutState &aState, PRBool aWas)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void FillCursorInformationFromStyle (const nsStyleUserInterface *ui, nsIFrame::Cursor &aCursor)

Protected Attributes

nsFrameList mFrames
nsRect mRect
nsFrameState mState
nsStyleContext * mStyleContext

Static Protected Attributes

static PRBool gGotTheme = PR_FALSE
static nsIThemegTheme = nsnull

Private Member Functions

void InitHasCellWithStyleHeight (nsTableFrame *aTableFrame)

Private Attributes

struct nsTableRowFrame::RowBits mBits
BCPixelSize mBottomBorderWidth
nscoord mContentHeight
BCPixelSize mLeftContBorderWidth
nscoord mMaxCellAscent
nscoord mMaxCellDescent
BCPixelSize mRightContBorderWidth
nscoord mStyleFixedHeight
nscoord mStylePctHeight
BCPixelSize mTopBorderWidth
BCPixelSize mTopContBorderWidth


nsIFrameNS_NewEmptyFrame (nsIPresShell *aShell, nsStyleContext *aContext)
nsIFrameNS_NewTableRowFrame (nsIPresShell *aPresShell, nsStyleContext *aContext)
class nsDisplayTextDecoration
class nsIFrame
class nsOverflowContinuationTracker


struct  RowBits

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