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nsPlaintextEditor Class Reference

#include <nsPlaintextEditor.h>

Inheritance diagram for nsPlaintextEditor:

nsEditor nsIPhonetic nsStubMutationObserver nsISupports nsISupports nsISupports nsISupports nsISupportsWeakReference nsISupports nsIMutationObserver nsISupports nsISupports nsHTMLEditor nsHTMLEditorLog

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Detailed Description

The text editor implementation. Use to edit text document represented as a DOM tree.

Definition at line 60 of file nsPlaintextEditor.h.

Public Types

enum  { eTypedText, eTypedBR, eTypedBreak }
enum  IterDirection { kIterForward, kIterBackward }
enum  OperationID {
  kOpIgnore = -1, kOpNone = 0, kOpUndo, kOpRedo,
  kOpInsertNode, kOpCreateNode, kOpDeleteNode, kOpSplitNode,
  kOpJoinNode, kOpDeleteSelection, kOpInsertBreak = 1000, kOpInsertText = 1001,
  kOpInsertIMEText = 1002, kOpDeleteText = 1003

Public Member Functions

void addDocumentStateListener (in nsIDocumentStateListener listener)
void addEditActionListener (in nsIEditActionListener listener)
void addEditorObserver (in nsIEditorObserver observer)
nsresult AppendNodeToSelectionAsRange (nsIDOMNode *aNode)
PRBool ArePreservingSelection ()
virtual void AttributeChanged (nsIDocument *aDocument, nsIContent *aContent, PRInt32 aNameSpaceID, nsIAtom *aAttribute, PRInt32 aModType, PRUint32 aStateMask)=0
void beginComposition (in nsTextEventReplyPtr aReply)
NS_IMETHOD BeginComposition (nsTextEventReply *aReply)
void beginningOfDocument ()
void beginPlaceHolderTransaction (in nsIAtom name)
void beginTransaction ()
nsresult BeginUpdateViewBatch (void)
PRBool CanContainTag (nsIDOMNode *aParent, const nsAString &aTag)
boolean canCopy ()
NS_IMETHOD CanCopy (PRBool *aCanCopy)
boolean canCut ()
NS_IMETHOD CanCut (PRBool *aCanCut)
boolean canDrag (in nsIDOMEvent aEvent)
NS_IMETHOD CanDrag (nsIDOMEvent *aDragEvent, PRBool *aCanDrag)
boolean canPaste (in long aSelectionType)
NS_IMETHOD CanPaste (PRInt32 aSelectionType, PRBool *aCanPaste)
void canRedo (out boolean isEnabled, out boolean canRedo)
void canUndo (out boolean isEnabled, out boolean canUndo)
virtual void CharacterDataChanged (nsIDocument *aDocument, nsIContent *aContent, CharacterDataChangeInfo *aInfo)=0
virtual void CharacterDataWillChange (nsIDocument *aDocument, nsIContent *aContent, CharacterDataChangeInfo *aInfo)=0
nsresult ClearSelection ()
void cloneAttribute (in AString aAttribute, in nsIDOMNode aDestNode, in nsIDOMNode aSourceNode)
void cloneAttributes (in nsIDOMNode destNode, in nsIDOMNode sourceNode)
virtual void ContentAppended (nsIDocument *aDocument, nsIContent *aContainer, PRInt32 aNewIndexInContainer)=0
virtual void ContentInserted (nsIDocument *aDocument, nsIContent *aContainer, nsIContent *aChild, PRInt32 aIndexInContainer)=0
virtual void ContentRemoved (nsIDocument *aDocument, nsIContent *aContainer, nsIContent *aChild, PRInt32 aIndexInContainer)=0
void copy ()
nsresult CountEditableChildren (nsIDOMNode *aNode, PRUint32 &outCount)
nsresult CreateHTMLContent (const nsAString &aTag, nsIContent **aContent)
nsIDOMNode createNode (in AString tag, in nsIDOMNode parent, in long position)
nsresult CreateRange (nsIDOMNode *aStartParent, PRInt32 aStartOffset, nsIDOMNode *aEndParent, PRInt32 aEndOffset, nsIDOMRange **aRange)
void cut ()
void debugDumpContent ()
void debugUnitTests (out long outNumTests, out long outNumTestsFailed)
void deleteNode (in nsIDOMNode child)
void deleteSelection (in short action)
NS_IMETHOD DeleteSelection (EDirection aAction)
NS_IMETHOD DeleteSelectionAndCreateNode (const nsAString &aTag, nsIDOMNode **aNewNode)
NS_IMETHOD DeleteSelectionImpl (EDirection aAction)
void doDrag (in nsIDOMEvent aEvent)
NS_IMETHOD DoDrag (nsIDOMEvent *aDragEvent)
void doTransaction (in nsITransaction txn)
void dumpContentTree ()
void enableUndo (in boolean enable)
void endComposition ()
void endOfDocument ()
NS_IMETHOD EndOperation ()
void endPlaceHolderTransaction ()
void endTransaction ()
virtual nsresult EndUpdateViewBatch (void)
void forceCompositionEnd ()
boolean getAttributeValue (in nsIDOMElement aElement, in AString attributestr, out AString resultValue)
NS_IMETHOD GetDocumentIsEmpty (PRBool *aDocumentIsEmpty)
nsISupportsArray getEmbeddedObjects ()
nsresult GetFirstEditableNode (nsIDOMNode *aRoot, nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *outFirstNode)
NS_IMETHOD GetFlags (PRUint32 *aFlags)
nsresult GetIMEBufferLength (PRInt32 *length)
nsIInlineSpellChecker getInlineSpellChecker (in boolean autoCreate)
NS_IMETHOD GetIsDocumentEditable (PRBool *aIsDocumentEditable)
nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNodeGetLeftmostChild (nsIDOMNode *aCurrentNode, PRBool bNoBlockCrossing=PR_FALSE)
long getModificationCount ()
nsresult GetNextNode (nsIDOMNode *aParentNode, PRInt32 aOffset, PRBool aEditableNode, nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *aResultNode, PRBool bNoBlockCrossing=PR_FALSE)
nsresult GetNextNode (nsIDOMNode *aCurrentNode, PRBool aEditableNode, nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *aResultNode, PRBool bNoBlockCrossing=PR_FALSE)
< nsPIDOMEventTarget > 
GetPIDOMEventTarget ()
void getPreferredIMEState (out unsigned long aState)
nsresult GetPriorNode (nsIDOMNode *aParentNode, PRInt32 aOffset, PRBool aEditableNode, nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *aResultNode, PRBool bNoBlockCrossing=PR_FALSE)
nsresult GetPriorNode (nsIDOMNode *aCurrentNode, PRBool aEditableNode, nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *aResultNode, PRBool bNoBlockCrossing=PR_FALSE)
void getQueryCaretRect (in nsQueryCaretRectEventReplyPtr aReply)
void getReconversionString (in nsReconversionEventReplyPtr aReply)
NS_IMETHOD GetReconversionString (nsReconversionEventReply *aReply)
nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNodeGetRightmostChild (nsIDOMNode *aCurrentNode, PRBool bNoBlockCrossing=PR_FALSE)
nsIDOMElementGetRoot ()
PRBool GetShouldTxnSetSelection ()
nsresult GetString (const nsAString &name, nsAString &value)
nsresult GetTextSelectionOffsets (nsISelection *aSelection, PRUint32 &aStartOffset, PRUint32 &aEndOffset)
nsIWeakReference GetWeakReference ()
nsresult HandleInlineSpellCheck (PRInt32 action, nsISelection *aSelection, nsIDOMNode *previousSelectedNode, PRInt32 previousSelectedOffset, nsIDOMNode *aStartNode, PRInt32 aStartOffset, nsIDOMNode *aEndNode, PRInt32 aEndOffset)
void handleKeyPress (in nsIDOMKeyEvent aKeyEvent)
void incrementModificationCount (in long aModCount)
void init (in nsIDOMDocument doc, in nsIPresShellPtr shell, in nsIContent aRoot, in nsISelectionController aSelCon, in unsigned long aFlags)
NS_IMETHOD Init (nsIDOMDocument *aDoc, nsIPresShell *aPresShell, nsIContent *aRoot, nsISelectionController *aSelCon, PRUint32 aFlags)
nsIDOMNode insertAsCitedQuotation (in AString aQuotedText, in AString aCitation, in boolean aInsertHTML)
nsIDOMNode insertAsQuotation (in AString aQuotedText)
nsresult InsertContainerAbove (nsIDOMNode *inNode, nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *outNode, const nsAString &aNodeType, const nsAString *aAttribute=nsnull, const nsAString *aValue=nsnull)
void insertFromDrop (in nsIDOMEvent aEvent)
NS_IMETHOD InsertFromDrop (nsIDOMEvent *aDropEvent)
void insertLineBreak ()
void insertNode (in nsIDOMNode node, in nsIDOMNode parent, in long aPosition)
void insertText (in DOMString aStringToInsert)
nsresult InsertTextAt (const nsAString &aStringToInsert, nsIDOMNode *aDestinationNode, PRInt32 aDestOffset, PRBool aDoDeleteSelection)
NS_IMETHOD InsertTextImpl (const nsAString &aStringToInsert, nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *aInOutNode, PRInt32 *aInOutOffset, nsIDOMDocument *aDoc)
NS_IMETHOD InsertTextIntoTextNodeImpl (const nsAString &aStringToInsert, nsIDOMCharacterData *aTextNode, PRInt32 aOffset, PRBool suppressIME=PR_FALSE)
void insertTextWithQuotations (in DOMString aStringToInsert)
virtual PRBool IsContainer (nsIDOMNode *aNode)
PRBool IsDescendantOfBody (nsIDOMNode *inNode)
PRBool IsEditable (nsIDOMNode *aNode)
PRBool IsIMEComposing ()
boolean isModifiableNode (in nsIDOMNode aNode)
PRBool IsMozEditorBogusNode (nsIDOMNode *aNode)
nsresult IsPreformatted (nsIDOMNode *aNode, PRBool *aResult)
PRBool IsRootNode (nsIDOMNode *inNode)
virtual PRBool IsTextInDirtyFrameVisible (nsIDOMNode *aNode)
nsresult JoinNodeDeep (nsIDOMNode *aLeftNode, nsIDOMNode *aRightNode, nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *aOutJoinNode, PRInt32 *outOffset)
void joinNodes (in nsIDOMNode leftNode, in nsIDOMNode rightNode, in nsIDOMNode parent)
nsresult JoinNodesImpl (nsIDOMNode *aNodeToKeep, nsIDOMNode *aNodeToJoin, nsIDOMNode *aParent, PRBool aNodeToKeepIsFirst)
void markNodeDirty (in nsIDOMNode node)
nsresult MoveNode (nsIDOMNode *aNode, nsIDOMNode *aParent, PRInt32 aOffset)
virtual PRBool NodesSameType (nsIDOMNode *aNode1, nsIDOMNode *aNode2)
virtual void NodeWillBeDestroyed (const nsINode *aNode)=0
void NotifyEditorObservers (void)
void notifyIMEOnBlur ()
void notifyIMEOnFocus ()
void outputToStream (in nsIOutputStream aStream, in AString formatType, in ACString charsetOverride, in unsigned long flags)
NS_IMETHOD OutputToStream (nsIOutputStream *aOutputStream, const nsAString &aFormatType, const nsACString &aCharsetOverride, PRUint32 aFlags)
AString outputToString (in AString formatType, in unsigned long flags)
NS_IMETHOD OutputToString (const nsAString &aFormatType, PRUint32 aFlags, nsAString &aOutputString)
virtual void ParentChainChanged (nsIContent *aContent)=0
void paste (in long aSelectionType)
NS_IMETHOD Paste (PRInt32 aSelectionType)
void pasteAsCitedQuotation (in AString aCitation, in long aSelectionType)
void pasteAsQuotation (in long aSelectionType)
void postCreate ()
void preDestroy ()
nsresult PreserveSelectionAcrossActions (nsISelection *aSel)
void queryComposition (in nsTextEventReplyPtr aReply)
void redo (in unsigned long count)
NS_IMETHOD Redo (PRUint32 aCount)
void removeAttribute (in nsIDOMElement aElement, in AString aAttribute)
void removeAttributeOrEquivalent (in nsIDOMElement element, in DOMString sourceAttrName, in boolean aSuppressTransaction)
NS_IMETHOD RemoveAttributeOrEquivalent (nsIDOMElement *aElement, const nsAString &aAttribute, PRBool aSuppressTransaction)
nsresult RemoveContainer (nsIDOMNode *inNode)
void removeDocumentStateListener (in nsIDocumentStateListener listener)
void removeEditActionListener (in nsIEditActionListener listener)
void removeEditorObserver (in nsIEditorObserver observer)
nsresult ReplaceContainer (nsIDOMNode *inNode, nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *outNode, const nsAString &aNodeType, const nsAString *aAttribute=nsnull, const nsAString *aValue=nsnull, PRBool aCloneAttributes=PR_FALSE)
void resetModificationCount ()
nsresult RestorePreservedSelection (nsISelection *aSel)
void rewrap (in boolean aRespectNewlines)
void selectAll ()
NS_IMETHOD SelectEntireDocument (nsISelection *aSelection)
void setAttribute (in nsIDOMElement aElement, in AString attributestr, in AString attvalue)
void setAttributeOrEquivalent (in nsIDOMElement element, in AString sourceAttrName, in AString sourceAttrValue, in boolean aSuppressTransaction)
NS_IMETHOD SetAttributeOrEquivalent (nsIDOMElement *aElement, const nsAString &aAttribute, const nsAString &aValue, PRBool aSuppressTransaction)
void setCompositionString (in DOMString aCompositionString, in nsIPrivateTextRangeListPtr aTextRange, in nsTextEventReplyPtr aReply)
SetCompositionString (const nsAString &aCompositionString, nsIPrivateTextRangeList *aTextRange, nsTextEventReply *aReply)
NS_IMETHOD SetDocumentCharacterSet (const nsACString &characterSet)
NS_IMETHOD SetFlags (PRUint32 aFlags)
void SetIsIMEComposing ()
void setShouldTxnSetSelection (in boolean should)
void setSpellcheckUserOverride (in boolean enable)
void setWrapColumn (in long aWrapColumn)
boolean shouldTxnSetSelection ()
void splitNode (in nsIDOMNode existingRightNode, in long offset, out nsIDOMNode newLeftNode)
nsresult SplitNodeDeep (nsIDOMNode *aNode, nsIDOMNode *aSplitPointParent, PRInt32 aSplitPointOffset, PRInt32 *outOffset, PRBool aNoEmptyContainers=PR_FALSE, nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *outLeftNode=0, nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *outRightNode=0)
nsresult SplitNodeImpl (nsIDOMNode *aExistingRightNode, PRInt32 aOffset, nsIDOMNode *aNewLeftNode, nsIDOMNode *aParent)
NS_IMETHOD StartOperation (PRInt32 opID, nsIEditor::EDirection aDirection)
void StopPreservingSelection ()
void stripCites ()
void switchTextDirection ()
void syncRealTimeSpell ()
PRBool TagCanContain (const nsAString &aParentTag, nsIDOMNode *aChild)
virtual PRBool TagCanContainTag (const nsAString &aParentTag, const nsAString &aChildTag)
NS_IMETHOD TypedText (const nsAString &aString, PRInt32 aAction)
void undo (in unsigned long count)
NS_IMETHOD Undo (PRUint32 aCount)
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) Release(void)=0
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) AddRef(void)=0
NS_IMETHOD QueryInterface (REFNSIID aIID, void **aInstancePtr)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNodeGetChildAt (nsIDOMNode *aParent, PRInt32 aOffset)
static nsresult GetChildOffset (nsIDOMNode *aChild, nsIDOMNode *aParent, PRInt32 &aOffset)
static nsresult GetEndNodeAndOffset (nsISelection *aSelection, nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *outEndNode, PRInt32 *outEndOffset)
static PRInt32 GetIndexOf (nsIDOMNode *aParent, nsIDOMNode *aChild)
static nsresult GetLengthOfDOMNode (nsIDOMNode *aNode, PRUint32 &aCount)
static nsresult GetNodeLocation (nsIDOMNode *aChild, nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *aParent, PRInt32 *aOffset)
static nsresult GetStartNodeAndOffset (nsISelection *aSelection, nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *outStartNode, PRInt32 *outStartOffset)
static nsIAtom * GetTag (nsIDOMNode *aNode)
static nsresult GetTagString (nsIDOMNode *aNode, nsAString &outString)
static PRBool IsTextNode (nsIDOMNode *aNode)
static PRBool IsTextOrElementNode (nsIDOMNode *aNode)
static PRBool NodeIsType (nsIDOMNode *aNode, nsIAtom *aTag)
static PRBool NodeIsTypeString (nsIDOMNode *aNode, const nsAString &aTag)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute boolean composing
attribute string contentsMIMEType
readonly attribute nsIDOMDocument document
attribute ACString documentCharacterSet
readonly attribute boolean documentIsEmpty
readonly attribute boolean documentModified
const long eEditorAllowInteraction = 0x0800
const long eEditorDisabledMask = 0x0010
const long eEditorEnableWrapHackMask = 0x0100
const long eEditorFilterInputMask = 0x0020
const long eEditorMailMask = 0x0040
const long eEditorNoCSSMask = 0x0400
const long eEditorPasswordMask = 0x0004
const long eEditorPlaintextMask = 0x0001
const long eEditorReadonlyMask = 0x0008
const long eEditorSingleLineMask = 0x0002
const long eEditorUseAsyncUpdatesMask = 0x0080
const long eEditorWidgetMask = 0x0200
const long eNewlinesPasteIntact = 0
const long eNewlinesPasteToFirst = 1
const long eNewlinesReplaceWithCommas = 4
const long eNewlinesReplaceWithSpaces = 2
const long eNewlinesStrip = 3
const long eNewlinesStripSurroundingWhitespace = 5
const short eNext = 1
const short eNextWord = 3
const short ePrevious = 2
const short ePreviousWord = 4
const short eToBeginningOfLine = 5
const short eToEndOfLine = 6
attribute unsigned long flags
readonly attribute boolean isDocumentEditable
attribute long maxTextLength
attribute long newlineHandling
readonly attribute DOMString phonetic
readonly attribute nsIDOMElement rootElement
readonly attribute nsISelection selection
readonly attribute
readonly attribute long textLength
attribute nsITransactionManager transactionManager
attribute long wrapWidth

Protected Types

enum  TDocumentListenerNotification { eDocumentCreated, eDocumentToBeDestroyed, eDocumentStateChanged }
enum  Tristate { eTriUnset, eTriFalse, eTriTrue }

Protected Member Functions

void BeginEditorInit ()
void ClearWeakReferences ()
NS_IMETHOD CreateBR (nsIDOMNode *aNode, PRInt32 aOffset, nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *outBRNode, EDirection aSelect=eNone)
NS_IMETHOD CreateBRImpl (nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *aInOutParent, PRInt32 *aInOutOffset, nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *outBRNode, EDirection aSelect)
virtual nsresult CreateEventListeners ()
NS_IMETHOD CreateTxnForAddStyleSheet (nsICSSStyleSheet *aSheet, AddStyleSheetTxn **aTxn)
NS_IMETHOD CreateTxnForCreateElement (const nsAString &aTag, nsIDOMNode *aParent, PRInt32 aPosition, CreateElementTxn **aTxn)
nsresult CreateTxnForDeleteCharacter (nsIDOMCharacterData *aData, PRUint32 aOffset, nsIEditor::EDirection aDirection, DeleteTextTxn **aTxn)
NS_IMETHOD CreateTxnForDeleteElement (nsIDOMNode *aElement, DeleteElementTxn **aTxn)
NS_IMETHOD CreateTxnForDeleteInsertionPoint (nsIDOMRange *aRange, EDirection aAction, EditAggregateTxn *aTxn, nsIDOMNode **aNode, PRInt32 *aOffset, PRInt32 *aLength)
NS_IMETHOD CreateTxnForDeleteSelection (EDirection aAction, EditAggregateTxn **aTxn, nsIDOMNode **aNode, PRInt32 *aOffset, PRInt32 *aLength)
NS_IMETHOD CreateTxnForDeleteText (nsIDOMCharacterData *aElement, PRUint32 aOffset, PRUint32 aLength, DeleteTextTxn **aTxn)
NS_IMETHOD CreateTxnForIMEText (const nsAString &aStringToInsert, IMETextTxn **aTxn)
NS_IMETHOD CreateTxnForInsertElement (nsIDOMNode *aNode, nsIDOMNode *aParent, PRInt32 aOffset, InsertElementTxn **aTxn)
NS_IMETHOD CreateTxnForInsertText (const nsAString &aStringToInsert, nsIDOMCharacterData *aTextNode, PRInt32 aOffset, InsertTextTxn **aTxn)
NS_IMETHOD CreateTxnForJoinNode (nsIDOMNode *aLeftNode, nsIDOMNode *aRightNode, JoinElementTxn **aTxn)
NS_IMETHOD CreateTxnForRemoveAttribute (nsIDOMElement *aElement, const nsAString &aAttribute, ChangeAttributeTxn **aTxn)
NS_IMETHOD CreateTxnForRemoveStyleSheet (nsICSSStyleSheet *aSheet, RemoveStyleSheetTxn **aTxn)
NS_IMETHOD CreateTxnForSetAttribute (nsIDOMElement *aElement, const nsAString &aAttribute, const nsAString &aValue, ChangeAttributeTxn **aTxn)
NS_IMETHOD CreateTxnForSplitNode (nsIDOMNode *aNode, PRUint32 aOffset, SplitElementTxn **aTxn)
NS_IMETHOD DeleteSelectionAndPrepareToCreateNode (nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > &parentSelectedNode, PRInt32 &offsetOfNewNode)
NS_IMETHOD DeleteText (nsIDOMCharacterData *aElement, PRUint32 aOffset, PRUint32 aLength)
NS_IMETHOD DoAfterDoTransaction (nsITransaction *aTxn)
NS_IMETHOD DoAfterRedoTransaction ()
NS_IMETHOD DoAfterUndoTransaction ()
nsresult EndEditorInit ()
nsresult FireClipboardEvent (PRUint32 msg, PRBool *aPreventDefault)
NS_IMETHOD GetAndInitDocEncoder (const nsAString &aFormatType, PRUint32 aFlags, const nsACString &aCharset, nsIDocumentEncoder **encoder)
nsresult GetClipboardEventTarget (nsIDOMNode **aEventTarget)
PRBool GetDesiredSpellCheckState ()
nsresult GetKBStateControl (nsIKBStateControl **aKBSC)
NS_IMETHOD GetLayoutObject (nsIDOMNode *aInNode, nsISupports **aOutLayoutObject)
nsresult GetNextNodeImpl (nsIDOMNode *aCurrentNode, PRBool aEditableNode, nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *aResultNode, PRBool bNoBlockCrossing=PR_FALSE)
nsresult GetPriorNodeImpl (nsIDOMNode *aCurrentNode, PRBool aEditableNode, nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *aResultNode, PRBool bNoBlockCrossing=PR_FALSE)
NS_IMETHOD GetWrapWidth (PRInt32 *aWrapCol)
PRBool HasWeakReferences () const
NS_IMETHOD IgnoreSpuriousDragEvent (PRBool aIgnoreSpuriousDragEvent)
NS_IMETHOD InitRules ()
NS_IMETHOD InsertBR (nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNode > *outBRNode)
NS_IMETHOD InsertTextFromTransferable (nsITransferable *transferable, nsIDOMNode *aDestinationNode, PRInt32 aDestOffset, PRBool aDoDeleteSelection)
nsresult InstallEventListeners ()
virtual PRBool IsBlockNode (nsIDOMNode *aNode)
PRBool IsModifiable ()
NS_IMETHOD NotifyDocumentListeners (TDocumentListenerNotification aNotificationType)
NS_IMETHOD PrepareTransferable (nsITransferable **transferable)
virtual nsresult PutDragDataInTransferable (nsITransferable **aTransferable)
virtual void RemoveEventListeners ()
NS_IMETHOD ScrollSelectionIntoView (PRBool aScrollToAnchor)
virtual nsresult SetupDocEncoder (nsIDocumentEncoder **aDocEncoder)
nsresult SharedOutputString (PRUint32 aFlags, PRBool *aIsCollapsed, nsAString &aResult)

Protected Attributes

PRInt32 mAction
nsCOMArray< nsIEditActionListenermActionListeners
nsIViewManager::UpdateViewBatch mBatch
PRInt32 mCaretStyle
nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMEventListenermCompositionListenerP
nsCString mContentMIMEType
PRPackedBool mDidPreDestroy
EDirection mDirection
PRInt8 mDocDirtyState
< nsIDocumentStateListener > 
nsWeakPtr mDocWeak
nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMEventListenermDragListenerP
nsCOMArray< nsIEditorObservermEditorObservers
nsCOMPtr< nsPIDOMEventTarget > mEventTarget
PRUint32 mFlags
nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMEventListenermFocusListenerP
PRBool mIgnoreSpuriousDragEvent
PRUint32 mIMEBufferLength
nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMCharacterDatamIMETextNode
PRUint32 mIMETextOffset
nsCOMPtr< nsIPrivateTextRangeList > mIMETextRangeList
PRPackedBool mInIMEMode
PRInt32 mInitTriggerCounter
nsCOMPtr< nsIInlineSpellChecker > mInlineSpellChecker
PRPackedBool mIsIMEComposing
nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMEventListenermKeyListenerP
PRInt32 mMaxTextLength
PRUint32 mModCount
nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMEventListenermMouseListenerP
PRInt32 mNewlineHandling
PRInt32 mPlaceHolderBatch
nsIAtom * mPlaceHolderName
nsWeakPtr mPlaceHolderTxn
nsWeakPtr mPresShellWeak
nsRangeUpdater mRangeUpdater
nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMElementmRootElement
nsCOMPtr< nsIEditRules > mRules
nsSelectionState mSavedSel
nsWeakPtr mSelConWeak
nsSelectionState * mSelState
PRPackedBool mShouldTxnSetSelection
enum nsEditor::Tristate mSpellcheckCheckboxState
nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMEventListenermTextListenerP
nsCOMPtr< nsITransactionManager > mTxnMgr
PRInt32 mUpdateCount
nsIViewManager * mViewManager
PRInt32 mWrapColumn
PRBool mWrapToWindow


class nsAutoEditInitRulesTrigger
class nsAutoRules
class nsAutoSelectionReset
class nsAutoTxnsConserveSelection
PRBool NSCanUnload (nsISupports *serviceMgr)
class nsHTMLEditRules
class nsRangeUpdater
class nsTextEditRules

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